How To Update Nokia Lumia 710

Nokia Lumia 710 launched around January of 2012, since then it has been a long time and people sure would like to change or upgrade their phones. Well nokia Lumia 710 was one of the first successful smart phones launched by nokia after being a long time in the Symbian phone industry. So nokia has launched an upgrade for it all around the world. The upgrade is available directly as the company is giving upgrade options to people all around the world on their servers but due to carrier restrictions is hasn’t been available for everyone. So today I am going to show the way of upgrading your nokia Lumia 710 manually.

Requirements for installations

Firstly one has to install navifirm on laptop or PC. It is required to scan all servers of nokia and one can get updates for all of the nokia’s phones. We can choose any update we want to and in this case we choose to nokia Lumia 710 and download the film forum for it.
Secondly we require nokia care suit as it is required to operate the film firm we have downloaded from our phone.

Only after having both of the above requirements completed we can actually proceed to the upgradation

Level One for Setup

After the completion of installing nokia care suite and navyfirm our install winusb drivers x86 and winusb drivers x64 , these are for 32 bit version and 64 bit version respectively.

Then after the completion of this we have to connect our PC or laptop with our nokia Lumia 710 This can be done with the help of a USB cable or connection cable.

We then choose a product support tool for store 5.0 . We do this through the nokia care suit which we have already installed.

Wee also writes down a few important things which we will need in the process of upgrading like type designator , product code and software version.

Now after the completion of the first half we require to proceed to the next half which requires creating a new folder with a name as per you may like in the product folder area. We have to make sure that the folder already does not exist and is also empty.

Upgrading to 7.8 version

We first load up the navifirm which we have already downloaded earlier. Ensure that nokia care suit is selected and on the top left corner we will find a drop down menu in the menu we will find a list of different devices from where we select either nokia Lumia 710 rm-803 or nokia Lumia 710 rm-809 respectively which is depending on our device which we want to upgrade. Then appears the release option where we select the latest release or the latest version which appears on the topmost , following this appears the variant list in which we select the product code which we noted down earlier. Then we have to select the file name which we entered earlier and click on the download button present at the bottom left corner

We then ensure that the code appearing on the variant list is our product code and it will be different for different devices.

Final Stage

Once our downloading is finished we go to the downloaded files and then we move it to rm – 803 or rm – 809 depending on our version of the device.

  1. Now we again open the product support tool for store 5.0 like we did earlier
  2. After that we select programming which is available at the bottom left corner of our screen and from that we select the refurbished option which is available over there.
  3. From there we get to see that the tools which we have selected should be flashing or showing the newer software version, which in our case will be windows 7.8 version which we are upgrading our device to.
  4. Then after this we will notice the start button flashing which we have to click. Once clicked it will automatically start.
  5. After starting the update button which we previously saw will again start to flash and soon our device will also restart on its own.
  6. Once we have finished this and all the steps have been correctly followed and everything went as per instructions then our phone will start and we will then notice that the device has been upgraded and displaying the new version which is widows 7.8 .

To Be Looked Out For

We should be aware of each and every step we are taking towards manual upgradation as if we go wrong our device will be just a piece of useless box.

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