Top 5 Apps for Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia is one of the most  top rated manufacturers of phones, and has launched many devices satisfying the needs of its customers, but are you happy with the default applications that are present in your Nokia Lumia 900?  The answer might be no, but what do you think can you have better applications for your Lumia 900 device? Now the answer is yes. Yes, you can have better infact the best apps for nokia lumia 900 which gives more best and outstanding results then your default apps on your device. Let us have a look on these apps.

Nokia Lumia 900


It can be said that today’s generation is mostly based on Facebook, as many of the things are carried out on Facebook itself. You can use Facebook from your desired place, but what if you get an app for such an outstanding social networking site that can easily connect you with your friends and you can easily run your account in full on the go and what if you get this app absolutely free, isn’t it amazing?

Instant messaging

Instead of using the default messaging feature in your, just give a try to instant messaging apps (stated below) available for you and that too for free of cost. Few messaging apps are,


To be easily and completely connected with more friends and to have a video calls you can use the Skype app on your Nokia windows phone with voice, chat, and voice options/capabilities. And me being the user of this app on my windows phone can personally give you an opinion of trying out this app and enjoy its features.

ESPN Score Centre

Are you a sports freak guy who loves every kind of sports and loves to keep oneself updated with the sports related news? And I think you are thinking that I’m talking about you, right? Then this is the best app for you as after downloading this app you will surely think that why dint you have this app earlier in your device. This app brings you scores, news from hundreds of sport leagues and also with all the latest video clips.

After having all these amazing apps what are we still missing? Yes I got it, a game app guys. How can we miss a game app, as a phone without an outstanding game is incomplete.

Angry Birds

How can we miss such an amazing game, this game has taken the world and made millions of fans for itself in very short span of time and has become a must have a game to any mobile phone. I personally play this game every day and I really can’t complete my day without playing this game.

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