How to Take Screenshot on Nokia Lumia/Symbian

You must have seen almost all the android devices supporting the screenshot option, but when the windows phone was newly launched it dint support any screenshot feature, thus giving negative vibe to the customers, but as there is modernization in every field, even the Nokia manufacturers have updated their Windows device by supporting the screenshot option in their device, and it is with the introduction of windows 8 that has overcome this missing and amazing feature of taking screenshots. In my post today I will tell you easy and complications free steps of taking a screenshot on your Lumia device by taking an example of Nokia Lumia 920, as I myself am a user of this device and tried out to take a screenshot on my mobile phone.

Screenshot of nokia lumia or symbian

Taking a screenshot on your Lumia 920

Before you take a screenshot on your Lumia 920 first you should be aware of all the buttons available on your device, either it is on the spine or the touch sensitive button at the bottom of the device. After you get to know about the buttons available on your device, now it will be easy for you to take a screenshot.

What do you think you need to do to take a screenshot? You don’t need to worry much, as it is very much simple and can be carried out easily, you just need to do is-

Pressing power and the start button at the same time

Yes, you heard it right. You just need to keep holding the power button that is available at the right spine of your device, and the start button which is available at the sensitive touch below the screen, at the same time for few seconds.

While doing this you will notice that the screen will flash and you will hear a sound, which indicates that you screen capture has been done successfully.

Sometimes a sound can be irritating, what if you don’t want to hear any kind of sound while taking a screenshot? Is it possible? Yes, it is possible.

Turning off sound option

Sometimes the sound of the screenshot can be annoying or disturbing, while you are with your friends or in the class or due to any reasons, in that case you feel like turning off the sound of the screen capture, and you search for the options here and there.

So what should you do to turn off the annoying sound of the screenshot? The answer is very simple and easy,

You just need to go to the camera settings, and turn off the sound option for the camera, this will turn off the sound for the screenshot and as well as for the main camera.

Then how will you know whether your screenshot can complete successfully or not? Don’t worry, you will still be able to see a flash on your screen and an option saying “saving screenshot” or “its saving”.

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