Symeo Youtube Player for Nokia Belle, Anna, Symbian

Symeo YouTube Player is another YouTube client that lets you to browse and Watch YouTube Videos. By default it shows several preloaded categories like Music videos, Movie Trailers, Upcoming Virals, Most shared and New Videos on the landing Page.

Symeo Youtube Player

Features of Symeo YouTube Player

1. Preloaded Categories: It helps users to watch the latest music videos, movie trailers, viral videos in single click. Simply tap on the Category and browse the video to watch.

Preloaded Categories

2. Search Videos: You can also search your favorite videos on YouTube, using the available Search Button on the Right Side Top. Simply Tap on the Search Button and Enter your query. Once Searched Query is shown, simply tap on the Video to play.

Symeo Search Videos

3. Share Videos: It also helps users to share their favorite videos on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. But to use the sharing buttons you have to sign-up into your accounts.

Symeo Share Video

While signing into the account you need to approve permission.

Symeo Facebook Permission

Bugs in Symeo YouTube Player

  • It does not support the phone volume keys, you have to use the screen volume key to decrease or increase the volume of video.
  • Even it does not force the phone to stay awake during playback.
  • While signing into the Facebook account to share the video the Accept button does not appears.
  • Player controls are removed in the Full screen mode.
  • Streaming Quality is extremely poor with no option to set up the video quality.

Symeo YouTube Player is a free application created by Loell Antho Erecre and You can download it using the following links:

Download Symeo YouTube Player | Mirror Download Link

Download Symeo YouTube Player from Nokia Store

We have reviewed Symeo YouTube Player v1.0 here and you can run this Application on Nokia Belle, Anna and Symbian.

Note: This application is free available on Nokia Store.

We have also shared the official YouTube client from Google and YouTube Downloader for downloading YouTube videos on Nokia Belle, Anna and Symbian.

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