Skype for Windows Phone

Skype is a application that helps you to Make free Skype to Skype video calls and also make calls from Skype to any phone numbers. Skype for Windows Phone is a free application created by Microsoft.

Skype for Windows Phone

Features of Skype

1. Skype to Skype Calls: It allows you to make free voice and video calls from your Phone over 3G and WiFi.

Skype to Skype Calls

2. Skype to Any Phone Calls and SMS: You can also make calls using the SKype to any number at very low cost and send instant messages (SMS) to mobiles or landlines from your Windows Phone.

Call phones

3. Send Files: You can send high quality images and videos using the Skype to any of your contacts who is also using Skype on his phone.

Send Files

4. High Quality Sound: You and your contact user will experience High Quality sound over Skype while calls.

High Quality Sound

5. Talk Face to Face: Using Skype you can talk face to face or you can show what you are seeing with the rear camera on your phone.

Talk Face to Face

Skype also allows Conference calls, which helps you to talk to group of peoples at the same time. Skype also supports private numbers, which means you can have your own private phone number on Skype (this is a paid service by Skype), and any one can call you using the private number to your phone.

It also allows you to Setup your contacts and their profile manually on your Windows Phone. Whenever any of your contacts will be online then you will be able to see Online written below the contact name.

Skype for Windows Phone online

If you want to try Skype on your Windows Phone then you can download it from the following link below:

Download Skype for Windows Phone 7.5 or higher

Note: Skype only supports Windows Phone 7.5 or higher, If your phone does not have Windows Phone 7.5 then you can not use this application. Skype works over 3G or Wi-Fi, in case you are not having active WiFi connection or 3G network then Skype will not work.

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