How to set up Speed dialling on Nokia Belle, Anna, Symbian

Speed dialling helps to quickly call your friends and family, without typing the contact number or opening the contacts to call any number from your phone. Here, we are going to guide you how to setup Speed dialling on Nokia Belle, Anna, Symbian Phone.

Setup Speed dialling on Nokia Belle, Anna, Symbian

1. To setup speed dialling, Tap on the Menu Button and Select Settings.

Nokia N8 Settings

2. Under Settings, Tap on the Calling option.

Nokia N8 Settings Calling

3. Now, under Callings option, Tap on Speed Dialling.

N8 Calling Speed Dialling

4. On the next screen you will be able to see large 1-9 numbers on the screen. You have to pick any of the number (1-9) to assign a contact. Once you click on any of the 1-9 numbers it will bring up the contact list from which you can select any of your contacts to set as Speed dial.

Nokia N8 Speed Dialling

Assign Speed Dialling

Speed Dialling contacts

Speed Dialling Assigned

5. Once you are done, press the back button or menu button to exit.

Remove or change Speed dialling on Nokia Belle, Anna, Symbian

1. Tap on the Menu Button and Select Settings.

Nokia N8 Belle Settings

2. Under Settings, Tap on the Calling option.

Nokia N8 Calling setting

3. Then Tap on the Speed Dialling.

N8 Calling Speed Dialling

4. Now, tap on the Speed Dial number that you want to change or remove. It will bring a popup menu with the options to change or delete the contact from speed dialling.

Speed Dialling Assigned

Change or remove speed dialling

Note: Nokia Belle, Anna, Symbian only allows you to assign 8 speed dialling number (from 2 to 9). You can not assign 1, as because it is permanently assigned for System voice mailbox number.

[*] By default Nokia Belle, Anna, Symbian has no option to disable or turn off the speed dialling feature completely. If you want to disable the speed dialling then the only option is to remove all of the assigned speed dialling numbers.

[*] We have created this tutorial on Nokia N8 running on Belle. If you are still using the old Nokia Symbian^3 or anna then also you can follow the tutorial above, but it is recommended to you to update your phone to the new Nokia Belle OS which comes with lots of improvement.

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