Screensaver for Nokia Belle, Anna, Symbian

Screensaver is an application that shows animated images on the phone screen when there is no activity or phone is idle. It helps to save phone battery by blanking the phone screen. Here, we have collected a list of awesome screensaver for Nokia Belle, anna and Symbian users.

[*] You can use the below screensaver on various devices like Nokia N8, C6, E7, C7, E6, X7, 500, 603, 700, 701, 808 and the other devices which supports Nokia Belle and Anna.

List of Screensaver

1. Nokia Sleeping Screen

Nokia Sleeping Screen

It shows beautiful crafted images on the screen when your phone is locked. It also shows various features like Clock, missed calls, new messages and reminders in the sleeping screen.

Download (official screensaver by Nokia)

2. Alarm Clock Screensaver

Alarm Clock Screensaver

This screensaver comes with 2 options like huge digital clock and small analog clock on the sleeping screen.

Download (by lanternsoft)

3. Europlate Screensaver

Europlate Screensaver

This screensaver shows the vehicle plate on the sleeping screen of your device. You can have your own text on the screensaver along with date and time.

Download (by filigan)

4. Bedside


It is a simple led style clock screensaver, shows different colors when screen is swiped right to left. It also decreases the brightness of the screen to save battery.


5. Anna Screensaver

Anna Screensaver

Nokia Anna was introduced with the new screensaver which is replaced with the new belle screensaver. If you like the Anna Screensaver and wants it on Nokia Belle phone then here is the anna screensaver.

Download (by Mikhail Arkhipov)

6. AnalogClock One screensaver

AnalogClock One screensaver

It is another analog clock screensaver, shows missed calls, unread messages, active profile, active bluetooth icons with date and time.

Download (by lanternsoft)

7. Flower Clock Screensaver

Flower Clock Screensaver

It is a beautiful analog clock screensaver, inspired from flowers. It shows unread messages, missed calls, active bluetooth and silent profile on the top of the clock.

Download (by lanternsoft)

8. Binary Clock Screensaver

Binary Clock Screensaver

It is the first binary clock screensaver for Nokia users. It shows Misses calls, unread messages, active bluetooth and silent profile on the left side.

Download (by lanternsoft)

9. Code Unlocker Screensaver

Code Unlocker Screensaver

This screensaver is inspired from the tron movie. It emulates the door code unlocking application, which is seen in the tron movie. You can also customize unlock methods and texts for more personalised view.

Download (by bitimpress)

10. Neon Clock Blue

Neon Clock Blue

This screensaver is optimized and uses very low battery of your phone. It is available in 2-3 variants i.e red, blue and green on the Nokia Store.

Download (by peekpoke)

11. ScreenSaver Creator

ScreenSaver Creator

It allows you to create own screensaver with custom text, test color, text size, date and time. You can also adjust the text position in the screensaver.

Download (by Ravikiran Belkud)

[*] In this article, we have shared both paid and free screensaver available for Nokia users.

[*] Soon, we will add more available screensaver in this article, so stay tuned with the latest screensaver for Nokia Belle, Anna and Symbian phone.

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  • February 28, 2013 at 8:19 pm

    Is payment needed for these? It shows up that The Product is not avaliable for my area to download,whcih means China exactly.


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