Rooting Tools for Windows Phone 8

Well rooting means getting the complete control of your device from the manufacturers to your hand. Once the smart device has been rooted then your device starts working much better than ever before. You can delete all the unwanted files from your phone’s memory which comes in already enabled and cannot be deleted. So this means that rooting earns you the complete freedom of your mobile.

Nokia Windows Phone 8

Is rooting good ?

Well, we can say that rooting is like a blessing for the smart phone users because with its help we can do many things which we couldn’t have had done before it-

  1. We can get a whole new set of themes and wallpapers which was not possible without rooting due to company restrictions.
  2. The speed of the device increases drastically and the performance of the device also increases because after rooting all the ram eating programs which were of no use to use before can be removed and the space on the ram also increases.

Why it can be bad ?

Well, for everything which has a good aspect will also have a negative aspect. It’s always said that each coin has two faces. Similarly rooting can also prove to be harmful by-

  • Your device may experience bricking effect, which means that your device may become non-functional and just be a piece of brick which would be of no use at all.
  • Your device’s security can be compromised when you are working on the task of rooting on your smart device. It can be done by the malware and the other hackers who are always looking for such kind of opportunities.

Rooting and tools for rooting windows phone 8

Well, there are always people who are anxious to get the full from their device as soon as possible and there must be some of this kind of windows phone 8 users. To get the complete use of their smart device they will need to root it. Well, there is not such a good news for them yet because there isn’t yet any way to completely root windows 8 device.

It comes enabled with the latest security technologies and because of a long experience of developing windows devices, it is almost impossible to hack it. The only way to have a try at doing so is by having an official student ID for free or having a paid ID for professionals. So if you were planning to root your windows 8 device then you might have to wait for a bit longer.

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