How To Repair Cracked Nokia Lumia

Well, we all know that Lumia is one of the best Smartphone series by nokia. It has all the features one need to do their daily works. It has the best of entertainment features and comes completely loaded with everything which will completely leave us mesmerized. There are many models available in this series, but the best are as we all know nokia Lumia 900, 1020, 1250. These have excellent features and one of those features is a very big screen size.

cracked nokia lumia

The problem with nokia Lumia

The main problem with the nokia Lumia top end models like 900, 1020, 1250 is also its screen size. These all have a very big screen more than 5 inches also, so just imagine if you are having a party and you are trying to snap a picture with it and suddenly someone from nowhere just give you a push hard enough to let you smart device fall down. Well, we all know the answer, it will be god save our smart device’s screen. It is not just a party of a crowded place you smart device can escape the grips of your hand at any moment, for whatever be the reason behind it. Whatever the reason might be but the result will mostly be wrecking of the screen.

Do’s to save the screen

  • You should always have a firm grip on the device for which you can use a cover which is usually available in the market.
  • The cover should be one which also provides a protective layer around the edges of the screen to not let it come in direct contact while falling.
  • The last is always be careful when you are handling it.

Dont’s to save the screen

  • Never use your device while driving cause it may slip from your grips.
  • Never leave your phone on tables, sofas cause someone might just sit on them.
  • The last advice would be never keep your phone on anything facing the screen cause it increases the chance of it getting damaged.

If the screen is cracked after all the efforts?

Well, even after all the efforts you may have put into saving your screen, it still get cracked or damaged, then the only option is to get it fixed. Obviously you aren’t going to throw it away, unless you are really pissed by the device.

How to get it fixed?

Well, once the screen is cracked I guess most of us cannot open and fix it at our homes, but what we can do is get it to the nearest expert who knows about it. If your device is under guarantee, then you should directly take it to the nearest nokia servicing center. Well, we would like to suggest that the best is taking it to the authorized personnel only cause they will be having more knowledge about it and they would provide you with genuine parts and you can always hold them responsible if something goes wrong while it was being repaired.

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