Reasons Why Not to Buy Nokia X Android Phone

As we all know that Nokia has launched an android phone “Nokia X” which has been priced at RS 8,599 that is priced above the Asha features phone and below the lumia series.  This will definitely destroy the low end Windows phone business that has just gained little momentum in the market. And following this, it has even launched the Nokia X+ and Nokia XL having similar features as that of Nokia X.

Despite of its Nokia X series many users are in a dilemma whether it is a true android phone and will it be the best buy for them or not. But it lacks in many aspects due to which the buyers should steer clear of the Nokia X series or the Nokia X itself.

Nokia X Android Phone

The reasons why buyers should not prefer Nokia X are:-

Not completely an android version:-

Basically, it is based on Android 4.1 but doesn’t include all the things that are usually associated with the Google’s mobile OS like it may lack some of the Google services like Google maps, Gmail, YouTube, Google play game. In such case you need to download android apps from the third party app stores.

Susceptible to malware:-

As mentioned above that you need to depend on third party to download apps due to the inaccessibility to the Google Play store means the chances of downloading and installing malware apps increases.

Though it disables installation of apps from any other source by default, like any other android phones do, but once you give access for installation by turning it on then your phone gets exposed to more malware and other threats.


When coming to its hardware, it has a very low end hardware which is one of the main disadvantages for any buyer who opts to buy this phone.  It has a 1GHz dual-core processor and a 512 MB RAM along with 4GB of storage that is expandable via micro SD card.

So you will have a sluggish user experience. Even lags in functionality when more and more apps are installed and used. So it is not preferable for today’s generation as they are apps freak and wants to experience variety of technology emerging in the market.

Lacking camera quality:-

First and foremost that any user looks for in its handset is the camera quality. And this is where Nokia X lacks the most as it sports 3MP rear camera without LED flash with a fixed focus. And even as we know taking selfies is at high craze among the peoples. But this phone lacks the facility of front facing camera breaking the heart of peoples who love taking selfie.

User interface:-

It has a very confusing interface as it borrows the interface both from Asha series and the Windows phone. Having two home screens, one combining notifications, frequently used apps, widgets, running apps and settings, and other one is tile based app launcher providing shortcuts to all installed apps at a certain place.

This type of interface is very confusing for the first time smartphone user and takes their valuable time in getting used to it. Till the date they are used to it they will be totally fed up with this phone.

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