RAMblow Pro for Nokia Belle, Anna, Symbian

RAMblow Pro Task viewRAMblow is an application that manages your phones memory (RAM). It maintains a healthy amount of free RAM for smooth operation on the phone, if you have opened multiple applications at a time.

Features of RAMblow

1. Automatic cleanup: It is one of the amazing feature comes with RAMblow. Suppose, you were running any application or game before some time and forgot to close it, in this situation RAMblow automatically closes the idle running application or game at fixed time interval.

2. Memory Boost: It allows you to boosts the extra memory during manual and automatic cleanup. It allows you to close the idle running applications manually.

3. Protect foreground app: It allows you to protect any application from automatic exit. Suppose, when you are using the Automatic cleanup or Memory Boost, then it closes all idle running applications, in this situation Protect foreground app feature helps to protect any selected application from automatic exit.

4. Displays Status Report: It shows the basic phone report including Running applications, available free memory, maximum available free memory, last auto clean, last released and maximum released memory.

5. Task view: Task view shows the list of running applications including System and general applications, and allows you to manage them manually.


RAMblow is available as Trial and paid and it supports Nokia Belle, Anna, Symbian^3 and Symbian 5th edition phones. You can download this application from the Nokia Store by using the following link:

Download RAMblow (free trial) |  Download RAMblow from Nokia Store

Note: If you are running the RAMblow app on Nokia Belle then you might encounter screen freeze during performing memory cleanup.

[*] RAMblow is created by CellPhoneSoft, more information about the product is availabe at the official Page of RAMblow at CellPhoneSoft.

[*] If you are unable to buy RAMblow pro then also you can follow some tips to save your phone memory like Deactivating Theme Effects, Deleting Widgets and Deleting Icons from homescreen.

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