Nokia OZO – Price, Specification, Review – A class 360 degree VR Camera for Professionals

When Nokia came back to the world with their Android Smartphone it was a nostalgic moment for all of Nokia fans who had a firm believe that Nokia will come back. But Nokia wasn’t just back with smartphone, it was definitely more.

Nokia on their resurrection, in order to mark their stand in the updated tech industry launched a virtual reality 360 degree camera, Nokia OZO.

Nokia OZO Design

Nokia OZO looks nothing like every other 360 degree camera around the industry. Yes! With its spherical rig shape it looks nothing but more of a sci-fi tool. Nokia OZO has eight optical sensors crafted around the spherical rig make it look very futuristic and ahead of its time.

Nokia OZO

Not us that, Nokia OZO has grabbed attention of many animation and sci-fi movie makers like Disney and Marvels from the Hollywood. Nokia claims this is the first ever virtual 360-degree camera which is totally build for the professionals.

Nokia OZO Specifications

As we said before Nokia OZO is built in with eight camera lenses which have 2k x 2k sensor associated with each of them. With that to make the images and video more ideal and to have the best accuracy of moving experiences Nokia OZO instead of a rolling shutter uses a global shutter. The whole device gives a 195 degree view with an f/2.4 aperture. The aperture is fixed.

To grab the audio with the video Nokia OZO has built in microphones i.e. eight of them with every camera lens which provides a better synchronization with its 3D audio. Nokia OZO flaunts a great spec in audio division with a wide range of features from MP4 to MP4VR and of course the beautiful 360 panoramas. Nokia OZO is the first virtual camera to have a spatial audio bolted with it.

Nokia OZO Review

The Nokia OZO is bigger than something called a virtual camera, it’s purely a professional built specifically crafted device. Even for the speed of 140 KM/hr. Nokia OZO suits and amazing video with 30 frames per second without blur which is far higher than what we see in moving films.

Nokia OZO with monoscopic videos (a 360 degree video in 2D dimension where a single object is visible from both eyes) can also product stereoscopic videos (a 360 degree 3D video). It allows you to choose the option to shoot with the full cameras of just four of them.

To process the video upon shooting you would require Ozo Creator a software by Nokia to import the video. The Ozo Creator works on AMD and Apple Macbooks which runs OS X. If you aren’t satisfied with the default stitching by the Ozo Creator you can customize the overlaps and lines.

Nokia OZO Price

The professionally bolted Nokia OZO is an expensive device with a huge price tag of 45000 USD. With this you would surely require the Nokia tech team and the other supporting kit like the cartridge for the battery and storage to make use of the full Nokia OZO. With all the combination the device would probably cause you 60000 USD.


With Nokia OZO in the market, Nokia is far ahead with the other VR party like Oculus. Nokia OZO will make it easier for the directors to shoot a live VR with 3D audio. In fact, Disney is already in the association with the NOKIA OZO for their movies. In case if you’re wondering about its standalone use for photographers and amateurs, sadly we would say it’s not for them.

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