Nokia Lumia 928 Review

Nokia has tied up with a lot of cellular network companies. If you are residing in the United States you will be able to use the Nokia Lumia 928 which is available on the Verizon Wireless network. The Lumia 928 has got a lot of its features from the Lumia 920 smartphone. The device comes with good features and is available at a good price. If you are interested in buying the Lumia 928 then you can have a look at the Nokia Lumia 928 review in this post.

Nokia Lumia 928

Design and Display

The design of the Lumia 928 is quite similar to Nokia Lumia 920. You get the same rectangular chassis which is composed of the glossy white polycarbonate material. Some of the curves which were present in the Lumia 920 are now curved in Lumia 928 which give a sleeker look to the smartphone. The rounded rear panel of the Lumia 928 will prevent the device from slipping when held in hands. The device comes with a 4.5-inch display screen which is an AMOLED display. The display of the device will deliver resolution of 1720 X 768 pixels.


The speaker is placed on the rear panel of the device. This gives good audio output when you are holding the device in landscape mode and are watching videos. The device comes with a built-in equalizer which will work when you will use the headphones on your device.

There are different audio profiles available in the device such as Vocal boost and bass boost. You can also create custom audio profiles as per your choice. You can also use the Dolby headphone settings which provide a richer audio experience.

Operating System and Interface

You will get Windows Phone 8 out of the box in the Lumia 928 which means you will also get the customizable live tile interface on your smartphone. You also get a start menu where you can pin all your favorite applications, photo albums and even directions.

There is also an option to add the websites which you visit often on the start menu. If you have used Windows Phone in the past then you will love the interface of Nokia Lumia 928 as Windows Phone 8 comes with a lot of improvements and really cool features.


The Lumia 928 comes with a 8.7 Mega pixel rear camera. The camera is a Pure View camera and comes with Carl Zeiss lens. The f 2.0 aperture along with the Xenon flash captures amazing shots on the device. The front camera of the device is a 1.2 mega pixel camera which is capable of recording videos on 720p HD. You can also use the front camera for video calling.

Hardware and Specifications

The smartphone is packed with a 1.5 Ghz dual core processor. The processor is a QUALCOMM Snapdragon S4 Plus chipset based processor which works well with the 1 GB RAM. You will be able to run all the games and applications easily with this hardware configuration.

You will get 32 GB internal storage in the device which is limited as there is no SD card slot to add external micro SD card. The Adreno 225 GPU will deliver good gaming performance on your device.

How to unlock

If you want to shift from Verizon network to another network then you have to unlock Nokia Lumia 928. You can visit this website to generate the unlock code for your device and get your device unlocked.

Nokia Lumia 928 Price

Nokia Lumia 928 is available for around $120 at There are both new and used models available on eBay. So what are your views about the Lumia 928? Let us know using the comments section below.

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