Nokia Lumia 822 Review

Nokia Lumia is a Windows 8 smartphone launched by Nokia. The smartphone is quite similar to Nokia Lumia 820 Windows smartphone. The device was launched on Verzion carrier and later on was also available for GSM mobile networks. If you are planning to buy the Nokia Lumia 822 smartphone make sure you have a look at the review of the device.


Design and Display

When you hold the Nokia Lumia 822 in your hands you will get a boxy feel. The device resembles its predecessor, Nokia Lumia 820. You will get rounded edges along with a sculptured body in your Nokia Lumia 822. Coming to the display of the device Nokia Lumia 822 comes with a 4.3-inch display screen. The 4.3-inch display will deliver resolution of 480 X 800 pixels. The display is a multi-touch one which will help you in easy multi-tasking. For the protection of display of the Nokia Lumia 822 you will get Corning Gorilla Glass 2 protection. The display is also powered with Nokia clearblack display which will make the screen visible in broad daylight.

On the right side of the smartphone you will get the physical buttons which include power/lock, camera shutter and the volume rocker. The earphone jack is placed at the top whereas the micro USB port is present at the bottom of the device.


As we already told you, Nokia Lumia 822 comes with Windows 8 operating system. The device follows the features and interface which is present in Nokia Lumia 920, 810 and 820. There are no new features which you will see in the Lumia 822. You can change the overall color of the device as per your preference by selecting one from the 22 available colors for the Nokia Lumia 822. Nokia has added a lot of applications in the Lumia 822. Some of the apps which you will find in the Lumia 822 are Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive +. Both these apps are navigation apps and you can save the maps and directions of your preferred locations for using them while you are not having internet connection. Some other apps which you will find in the Lumia 822 are Nokia Music, City Lens and app highlights. If you are getting the Verzion version of the Lumia 822 you will get Verzion Mobile, Weather, ESPN as the extra apps in your device.


Coming to the hardware of the Nokia Lumia 822, you will get a 1.5 Ghz dual core processor which is an QUALCOMM Snapdragon S4 Plus processor. With the 1.5 Ghz processor you will get 1 GB Ram with the device which will help in running of apps and games on your device. For better graphics while watching movies and playing your favorite games you will get the Adreno 225 GPU in the device. With this hardware configuration there won’t be any lags and you will get swift experience on your Nokia Lumia 822.

Nokia Lumia 822 comes only with one memory option which is 16 GB. Nokia has given an option to add external micro SD card. You can add an external micro SD card of capacity up to 32 GB in the device.

Internet & Connectivity

Using the 4G connectivity on your Nokia Lumia 822 you will be able to get fast browsing and downloading speeds. The browsing experience on the Lumia 822 is great and you will get Internet Explorer 10 as the default web browser. Internet Explorer 10 not only delivers fluid browsing experience but also comes with some amazing features like tab implementation, double tap to zoom, pinch to zoom and easy scrolling. You can also use NFC, Wi-Fi 2.4 and 5 Ghz for making transfer between your computer and other peripheral devices.

Wireless Charging

You can use a wireless charging plate to charge your Lumia 822 wirelessly. Get the ultimate freedom from wires by using the wireless charging plate. Simply put your device on the wireless charging plate and your device will automatically start charging.


Nokia Lumia 822 is available for buying via different e-commerce websites. You can buy the device for Rs 6,000 via Snapdeal.

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