Nokia Lumia 635 – Specs, Price, Unlocking and Flash

On Continuing the Lumia Series, Nokia launched Lumia 635 early on 2014 May. Like every other Lumia phones the device ran on Windows platform and it was a premier smartphone comparing to other Lumia phones.

Nokia Lumia 635 Specs

Nokia Lumia ran on Windows 8.1 and had powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 under the hood. The device flaunts a bigger 4.5 inch display with capacitive touchscreen and was capable of shuttering at 221 PPI with 480 x 854 pixels screen resolution.

Nokia lumia 635

On the storage section Nokia Lumia 635 had built in storage of 8 GB with and external micro SD card support which could be supportable till 128GB. The device powered its energy from 1830mAH battery. Unlike today, the device featured a single SIM support with 4G connectivity. It also featured a 5 MP primary camera with ambient light sensors and proximity sensors for better navigation while using the GPS. The device was price at $300.

Nokia Lumia 635 Unlock

There are various methods already to unlock your Nokia Lumia 635. You can buy an unlocking code from many sites and use them to unlock or you can do it by yourself. Keep in mind the unlocking is a tricky process and by trying to unlock all by himself you got to have to do some techie stuffs.

The safest way to unlock Nokia Lumia 635 is using the codes. Many sites would provide you an unlocking code and all you have to do is change your SIM and put the code in the phone. Most of the times these codes are paid.

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To retrieve a code just visit to any websites like SafeUnlockCode or TheUnlockingCompany. Enter the IMEI number of your phone there. To fetch the IMEI number type *06# from your device can press call button, it would show a 15-17 digit number.

After entering the IMEI number complete the payment and they would be sending you the code in your account or email. Just change your carrier and device will ask for the unlocking code. Provide the code and you’re good to go.

Nokia Lumia 635 Flash

Nokia Lumia 635 can be easily flashed with Nokia Care suite. Keep in mind if you’re trying to flash the device in order to unlock, then you’re making a mistake. Device won’t be unlocked by flash, use above method to unlock the device.

Before flashing the device, backup all your data, charge the device above 60% and flash at your own risk. Follow the steps below to flash your Lumia 635. Also remove the SIM cards and external memory cards before starting. Download the below pre requisites for the flash.

  1. Download the Windows Recovery Tool Manager form Microsoft website and install it.
  2. Download the Nokia Care Suite and install it.
  3. Download the firmware from You can choose the Nokia Lumia Device there, choose the country/region.
  4. It will list a firmware’s and versions. Choose the version and download the .ffu file from the site.
  5. Upon downloaded, keep the .ffu file under a folder in the system. Better name the folder as Package. Rename the .ffu file to lumiaflash.ffu.
  6. Connect your Lumia 635 to the system using the USB cable.

Run the below command on the system in command prompt as an administrator:

– cd “%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Care Suite\Windows Device Recovery Tool” – For 32 Bit System

– cd “%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft Care Suite\Windows Device Recovery Tool” – For 64 Bit System

Copy and paste the below code and press ENTER

thor2 -mode uefiflash -ffufile “%HomePath%\Desktop\Package\lumiaflash.ffu” -do_full_nvi_update -do_factory_reset –reboot

The package will start installing in the device and upon completion the device will boot up. Keep the device untouched during the process.

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