Nokia Lumia 510 Review

Lumia 510 from Nokia is a budget Windows smartphone which comes with a really cool design and is available in different colours. If you are planning to enter the Windows Phone smartphone world or are planning to purchase a budget smartphone then you need to give a try to the Nokia Lumia 510.

Nokia has made this smartphone by keeping in mind the needs of a young mobile phone user. Not only this smartphone is affordable but it also comes with many good features. If you are interested in buying this mobile phone and want to find out the specifications and features of this device you can have a look at our review of Lumia lumia 510


Nokia is known for solid mobile phones which like the 3310 which were manufactured in the past. The Lumia 510 is also a solid smartphone which comes with painted metal band on the sides. The metal sides give a nice look to the device overall. The sides are curved which not only provide good drip but also help one in using the device with one hand. You will find the three buttons which are volume rocker, lock key and camera shutter button the right side of the device.


You get a 4.0-inch display screen which is TFT LCD display. You will get resolution of 480X800 pixels with the display of the device and 223 ppi pixel density. As the pixel density which you are going to get in the Lumia 510 seems to be less, you won’t be able to see pictures clearly and they might appear pixelated. Brightness is also not that great with the device so you might find it difficult to access the device when you are under bring sunlight.

Operating System

The Lumia 510 comes with Windows Phone 7.8 operating system out of the box. The OS is outdated if we compare with what other smartphone manufacturers are offering but it will give you an introduction to the Windows Phone operating system. As you will get tiles on the home screen you can resize them as per your requirement. Nokia has provided many applications preinstalled with the device such as the ringtone maker, TuneIn Radio, Nokia maps among many others.


The hardware which you are going to get in the Lumia 510 is not at all satisfactory. On the processor end you are going to get a 800 MHz processor which is a single core processor along with 256 MB RAM. This is going to be one of the reasons that people are not going to purchase this smartphone. With 4 GB internal storage it might become difficult for one to store all their favourite songs and videos. There is no external microSD card slot however you can use the 7 GB free space provided by Sky Drive, however in order to use this service you need a good internet connection.

Camera of Lumia 510

The rear 5 Mega pixel shooter works just fine however you are going to struggle to use this camera when you are experiencing low light conditions as there is no flash. If you like taking selfies then you won’t like this part as there is no front facing camera in the device. The Nokia camera application comes with many different settings which will help you in taking the best shots.


Nokia Lumia 510 can be purchased both online and offline. You can buy this smartphone from Amazon at Rs 10,999.


If you want to register a new carrier on your smartphone or want to use your Lumia 510 in another country then you need to unlock your device.

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