Nokia Lumia 1525

Nokia has set a bench mark for other top companies in the market with the launch of Lumia 1525. Nokia Lumia 1525 is the latest and trending upgrade of the most popular Lumia handset 1520. The handset was hugely praised by the users as well as the critics when compared to the handset’s looks, performance, battery life and much more. So now let us have a look at Nokia Lumia 1525 whether it continues the standard of the previous handset 1520 or falls down.

The handset 1525 is inbuilt with a 6 inches 1080p full HD display giving bigger and better display experience followed by the latest version of the windows 8.1 and powered by quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor which is far better than the processor of its previous model 1520. Apart from the processor part and coming to the memory section Lumia 1525 will have RAM of 3 GB along with a MicroSD card support and a cool battery capacity of 3,400 mAh.

nokia lumia 1525

Perfect handset for gaming

With such an amazing display size and powerful processor Nokia Lumia 1525 features some really amazing games which includes high graphic games and the handset gives the best experience for the gamers who love playing high definition and graphic games on their handsets.

The mixture of Google now and Siri called as “Cortana” is said to have in Nokia Lumia 1525 which is a mobile personal assistant which can follow set of specific commands and tasks.  Pull down notification bar is the most important thing that a user wishes to have in their handset and Lumia 1525 fulfills this wish or desire of their user through which they can easily call, message, and get instant update from their social media network.

Camera power

The power of camera of Nokia Lumia 1525 is just amazing as it consists of 20 mega pixel primary or rear camera which is more than enough to capture the memorable moments of your life with better clarity.

The handset is said to have a solar powered display and if the news are right then this handset will surely set a bench mark for all other Smartphone manufacturers available in the market.

When coming to the price part of the Nokia Lumia 1525 which is considered as the anither most important factor after the features of the handset then the price is just slight higher than that of its previous model Nokia lumia 1520.

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