List of Best Nokia Flip Phones – Prices and Specs of Phones under 20000

Today in the era of high end smartphones where people are more concerned about the screen size and camera than the style, there was a time of flip phones.

The sexy, stylish flip phones once captured the Indian market liked ant in sugar. The primary selling reason of those phones were the class and style of use.

Best Nokia Flip Phones

Nokia released a wide range of flip phones during those times from the budget phones to high end N series devices. Here we have curated a list of Nokia’s best flip phones ever produced.

1. Nokia N93

Nobody can deny the charisma of Nokia N Series phones and of the highest priced one of them was Nokia N93. The classy flip smartphone. The device ran on Symbian 0S and was released on April 2016.

Nokia N93 featured a 2.4 inch screen with 3 MP rear camera with 64 MB RAM under the hood. Coming to battery it had 1100 mAh battery. The device was last sold at 20000 INR approx.

Nokia N93

2. Nokia N75

On the list the second is again the classy Nokia N75 flip phone which was released on late September of 2006. Nokia N75 featured the same 2.4 inch screen with 64 MB RAM. On the camera division it has little lesser of 2 MP camera than N93.

List of Best Nokia Flip Phones

Nokia N75 featured an 800 mAh battery and was priced at 18000 INR. The device ran on Symbian OS 9.1 and had an internal storage of 40 MB with external SD card support.

3. Nokia N76

Nokia N series released it’s another flip phone with Nokia N76 on later January 2007. Nokia N76 had a classy red color and ran on latest Symbian 9.2 OS. The device had then bigger 96MB RAM and 2 MP camera.

With 26MB of internal storage and external SD Card support the device featured a 2.4 inch little bigger screen and first of its kind to support a Mini-SIM. Nokia N76 was priced at 12999 INR.


4. Nokia 6086

The classy Nokia 6086 was one of its kind which featured a front screen on flip phone range which used to display the time, date, and call notifications without opening the device. Nokia 6086 was a middle range featured phone which has built in memory of 5MB with external SD card support.

The device featured 0.3 MP camera and featured a 1.8 inch screen and was price at 9300 INR.

Nokia 6086

5. Nokia 6290

Nokia 6290 was latest of Nokia’s flip phone which ran on Symbian OS 9.2 and featured a 2.2 inch screen. The device had a 2 MP camera with video recording feature. Under hood it featured 64 MB RAM and 45MB of internal storage with SD card support.

The device had 950 mAh li-ion battery and was priced at 13000 INR.

Nokia 6290

6. Nokia 6267

This was one of the best-selling Nokia’s feature flip phone. Release on June 2007, Nokia 6267 has button on the top flip for quicker operations. The device had 2MP camera and 30 MB of internal storage with SD card support. It had a bigger battery of 1020 mAh which provided the energy to its 2.2 inch feature screen. Nokia 6267 was priced at 11500 INR.

Nokia 6267

7. Nokia 7270

Nokia jumped into little classier and bigger flip phone with Nokia 7270. The device had a great dimension of 88 x 46 x 22 mm and sexy red color. The device had 32MB internal storage with no external card support. Nokia 7270 featured a 0.3 MP camera and was price at 9999 INR.

Do share with us your favorite Nokia flip phones which you used or would like to use.

Nokia 7270

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    Love to have Nokia flip mobile. I am looking for the latest model. Which has been introduce two month back. Or N76 Red. /6267. India how to get kindly guide.

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    I am looking for a HIGH QUALITY flip top phone, but would like to be able to SEE it and touch it. Are there any stores in the Dallas, TX area that I could visit? Do you have any phones that are compatible with T Mobile?


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