Nokia Car Charger

You may find many Nokia car chargers in the market or in the online sites. But their suitability may differ from phone to phone. Like Lumia phone below 720 can be charged with a DC -4 charger, but the same can’t be used for Lumia 720 and above. So Nokia has been releasing many cars based chargers to help out this problem. Firstly, it introduced Qi wireless charging. But Lumia 1020 users required to have an optional back cover to enable this Qi. But now Nokia has grown the Qi ecosystem and has come to CR -200 wireless charging (Qi enabled car charger).

What’s to come with it

This charger comes with a dual sticky cup base which is capable of rotating both vertically and horizontally to hold your phone. This one is more compatible than the previous version, including even the Lumia 1520. It is even provided with wire extender along with a little cable clip and stuck aside avoiding any inconvenience to the driver. This can provide a strong grip to your car’s dashboard and there’s even an optional puck which is sticky on one side and non porous on the other side. This is helpful for the car’s having a porous dashboard surface.

Inbuilt Qualities

Quick touch

It supports NFC connectivity which enables your phone to launch any app you want or Nokia car app which shows time, weather, battery status and shortcuts to more apps with just a single tap on your phone. This helps keep you in focus during driving. This NFC tag is present at the bottom of the dock but not in the cadle itself. It would have been better if this tag was placed in the cadle itself. This NFC enabled bottom lip is designed in such a way that it prevents it from falling forward.


With the strong suction cup present in the CR- 200’s charger, your charger as well as your phone is safe and secure. Thereby providing a solid clasp or a firm holding of your charger.

Energy for two

What if along with the driver even the passengers’ phone run out of charging? No problem. This CR-200 can boost energy into two devices at the same time too. All you need to do is, when one of the device is placed on charger, you can simply connect the second device to the charger via USB cable which is provided along with the charger.

Power management

Its standby consumption is less than 150 MW with an output current of 750 MA. It operates between the temperatures -25 to +50.

It is said that it still faces some problems with Lumia 1020 i.e., The phone stops charging at random times. But it is not to be worried as this might be due to lose connection or the connecting dots might be a bit small. But the major concern may be the price of it which is creating a major hurdle for it. Its price ranges from $75 to $80.

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