Nokia 3D Maps – Pros and Cons

There have been a number of maps on our smart devices which makes our lives hell lot easier by letting us know the directions and finding places where we might want to reach with just a click on the screen.

Nokia 3D Maps

So here we are with Nokia 3D maps or Nokia Ovi maps. We must have seen a number of apps on different devices which helps us in navigation but you may have never may have come across something like this ever in your life. Its the best one  can provide us now in the field of navigation.

I have one thing to say about it is that  is incomparable and here are the few reasons why am I saying so.

Pros –

  1. Detailed high quality maps – one can get a very high quality and detailed map of a place. It includes videos and 3D imaging of the place. The user can get videos of the place they are searching for , though the videos are not always of high quality but it will take you into a virtual world where one can feel the experience of going to a place without actually ever been to that place and thus can gain experience  about that place.

  2. 3D terrain and landmarks – the user will get the view of the terrain they are searching for in a 3D projection which will help the user to gain a number of specifications and knowledge about the terrain they are looking out for , also the landmarks can be identified and acknowledged with great ease.

  3. Real time traffic information – the user can also get the input of traffic information of the place they are searching for with the help of real time footage input from the traffic cameras and other cameras installed at the place.

  4. Synchronization of maps from the Ovi maps – the user has the access to the vast database of the Ovi maps from which they can get access of the maps of almost any place which is there in the world and thus providing a great means of exploring and searching.

Cons –

Although there are many benefits of the Nokia 3D maps but as there are always some drawbacks along with the benefits that we get . Some of the drawbacks that the users may come across are –

  1. Memory consumption – although one may get a lot of info about the place in real time with great specifications but it’s not advisable for devices which a low on memory because the memory consumption by the app is very high and the user may find that most of is memory is being consumed by the app.

  2. Battery consumption – along with the memory the battery consumption is also high if he user uses this app on their device and they find out that most of their battery has been drained already it shouldn’t amuse one.


At the end I would like to say that this particular app is a revolutionary app and it will change the way the apps are designed in the future. It brings a great easy to use for the users and also a great using experience for its users. But be aware that your device may not be awake for a long time without charging.

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