Nokia 3310 Is Now available to buy in India. Here’s Pricing and Specs

After a lot of buzzing and excitement with the wait, Nokia 3310 resurrected in CES 2017. It was quite a nostalgic day for tech fans around the world you had shown excitement via social media and tech blogs when the new design was proposed and released.

Now, the wait for all Nokia fans is over as Nokia 3310 is available for everyone to buy in India.

Nokia 3310 Design

Nokia 3310 has received a classic touch when comes to design. The refreshed plastic body with the same alphanumeric keyboard the former design had but also comes with a 2.5G connectivity with dual band 900/1800 MHz supported. The screen features a 2.4 inch QVGA curved color display.

Company says the curved display is provided for a better screen experience and readability in sunlight. Dimensions of the Nokia 3310 are 115.6 x 51.0 x 12.8mm and it weighs 79.6 g (including battery) which is far lighter than the old Nokia 3310.

Nokia 3310 Storage

The Nokia 3310 while coming to storage the device comes with 16MB memory in the world where smartphones holds a massive storage until even 256MB. The device can be expanded to 32GB using an external memory card so you can hold your favorite songs and comes with dual-SIM card support. The rear camera is 2-megapixel. The handset runs on Nokia Series 30+ OS.

Nokia 3310

According to HMD, the new Nokia 3310 is as resilient as the former which could be dropped multiple times without damage and also possessed a 1200 mAH battery which could run for up to a month when in stand-by mode.

Nokia 3310 Throwback Features

New Nokia 3310 comes up with a revamped version of the Snake game as a throwback which was loved by everyone. With that the device has inbuilt Opera Mini browser for basic web surfing. The device features the 3.0 Bluetooth which allows you to access the Bluetooth speakers and even earpieces.

Nokia 3310 Price

Coming to pricing, the price of the phone is quite interesting. HMD Global has set up a price of 3310 INR for Nokia 3310. The phone which is available in four colours, Dark Blue, Grey, Warm Red and Yellow. Warm Red have a gloss finish with Yellow version too. Grey and Dark Blue, sports a matte finish.

Nokia 3310 Availability

Nokia 3310 isn’t a great phone by today’s standards. You cannot surf web or check the email with it and also cannot do things a smartphone does today, but will cater the need of every high end smartphones users who are in need of a simple secondary feature phone which provides better battery backup for primary operations like voice calls and SMS.

The rebranded device by HMD Global is surely a walk down to the 17 years old memory lane for Nokia fans. The device will be sold online and also is offline stores. So what are you waiting for, grab a Nokia 3310 and cherish the old times again with the most love snake game. You could also try smashing it out just to have the old time feeling of sturdiness as According to HMD, the new Nokia 3310 is as resilient as the former which could be dropped multiple times without damage.

Using past sentiments seems to be an effective medium of communication between brand and consumers but it should be fun to see if the hype this product generated would bring about sales or good PR. It is also expected to launch 6-7 Nokia phones by the end year 2017.

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