NFE Core Editor for Symbian Devices

NFE Core Editor is a PC tool that allows to hack the Symbian 3 core files (including Anna and Belle) to calibrate them, so that you can easily make changes in the rofs1 which is located in the core files.

NFE Core Editor

As you know that Symbian^3 core files include uboot, rom and rofs1. This tool helps to hack the core rofs1 file security, so that it can be modified or edited by same tool or by other tools like Nokia Cooker.

It also allows to change the hash sum CRC32, retain the original CRC32 kernel firmware file, as well as expanding the ROFS1 space which is reserved by Nokia.

How to use NFE Core Editor

1. Download NFE Core Editor on your PC and open NFE Core 2.exe file from the zip file.

2. Now, click on the Open Button and locate the MCU core file (with the extension .core.c00) on your computer that you want to edit.

3. Once core file is located, check the “Keep the oldCRC32” under parameters checksum.

4. Now, click on the “unpack” button to extract the ROFS1 core files. Once ROFS1 core files are unpacked, a rofs folder will open automatically from where, you can make necessary changes in it.

5. Now, click on the “ROFS calibration” button (this will change all 2B to 2C or 2A).

6. Next, click on the Expansion ROFS1 button.

7. Now, edit the required file from the code files.

8. Once editing is completed, click on the “Repack button” to Repack the core files.


NFE Core Editor is a free application created by Doctorly. You can download it by using the following link below:

Download NFE Core Editor (latest version v2.0 r0.2 beta)

[*] NFE Core Editor supports editing of the Symbian 60 Series (including Symbian 9.2, 9.3, 9.4).

There are various alternatives available to the NFE core editor like Nokia Cooker and Nokia Firmware editor.

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