Why Microsoft is Killing Nokia X?

Microsoft is known for its feature phones and different aspects of seeing the world’s new technical era. And once again proving itself to focus on the right path, it is undergoing a major transition by planning to scrap the Nokia X series and replacing them with Windows phone. And it has initiated this major transition and as a part of it announced the cutting of 18,000 jobs in the next year. Although this is vital news, perhaps the reveal to focus on the Windows phone is even bigger.

Statement by Stephen Elop:-

This is good news for the windows phone lovers. In an internal email sent to its former staff, Stephen Elop, chief of Microsoft device, details that their renewed focus on Windows phone. Also they are planning to deliver the low-cost Lumia devices by shifting some of the selected features of Nokia X to the Windows phone which is expected to achieve fast besides continuing to sell and support the existing Nokia X products. He also revealed that- the development and investment of Asha series, series 40, and Nokia X is kept on hold by shifting its team to the “maintenance mode”. The main objective behind this step is to keep its customers happy and support them whenever they come across any problem with these handsets, but this support will be shut down over the next 18 months in favor of Windows phone.

Microsoft will now try to tempt its users over Windows phone. Microsoft also announced the release of X2 recently. But as mentioned above its renewed focus on windows phone so any future X series will run on Windows platform, finally resulting in the end of its android efforts. Nokia aimed at successful hardware whereas Microsoft aims o delight its customers with windows platform, services and applications through their hardware. Alongside, Microsoft is also planning to sell of the Mixradio service to some third party and so far they have received strong interests from potentials buyers. So like above mentioned devices, even it is shifted to the maintenance mode, i.e.no service is provided for the handset development until it is sold. No further service will be provided for the development of this handset and only maintenance service will be provided by Microsoft in order to keep its customers happy.

Company will be running its upcoming low-end and high-end devices on its own software and services. Also Microsoft notes in a memo that they will “shift the flagship engineering efforts towards new flagship products timed with the next release of Windows and Windows phone”.

What matters here for the Microsoft Company is the speed of shifting the Nokia X designs and products over to Windows and Windows phone. This will help in resulting the Microsoft’s focus and effort in establishing affordable Smartphone market within couple of years.

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