Microsoft Hits Final Nail on Nokia

Microsoft one of the largest company acquired the service of hardware and software for the Nokia last year now seems to have kill the units of Nokia for good, and the company is also seemingly looking for making people to forget the brand Nokia ever exist.

The above aspects are from the new official website of Microsoft and the official website of Great Britain.

The tag line greet the users visiting from Nokia portal reads “step inside our new home”, and Nokia UK also confirmed its new home via Twitter.

Apart from certain aspects about lumia devices, Nokia’s webpage looks aged when compared to the Microsoft’s new webpage which looks lively and contains information regarding new lumia devices and new offers on these devices.

Nokia fans may feel slight pang considering that Nokia Devices was not too long ago were in the topmost priority by both buyers and fans of Nokia.

However, Microsoft latest move will make the Nokia loyalist happy considering that Microsoft is said to be mulling over doing away the entire brand name along with the lumia phone brand.

Microsoft also looking to launch a ‘unified windows’ platform both ARM-based windows phone and ARM-tablets and company also reveals that the brand future phone as just as ‘windows smartphone’

The lumia smartphones like lumia 730, lumia 830 which were released by Microsoft during the recent IFA 2014 are the last devices to future the Nokia brand name.

The upcoming lumia devices are highly expected to carry either the pure ‘Microsoft’ branding or the ‘Nokia by Microsoft’ branding. Nokia as a brand still going on strong says Nokia vice-president.

In summary loyalists of Nokia and Microsoft can expect certain hard core changes in future products (both hardware and software) manufactured by both companies.

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