Incredible Circus for Nokia Belle, Anna, Symbian, Windows Phone

Incredible Circus is a free game available for Nokia Belle, Anna, and Windows Phone 7 users. If you are looking for a fresh and free game then Incredible Circus game is for you with amazing graphics and sound.

Incredible Circus


Awesome 32 Stages: By default Incredible Circus comes with 2 stages that are Victorian and Gran Circus. Victorian comes with 17 levels and Gran Circus comes with 15 levels along with 2 hidden levels. You must play each level to unlock the next stage otherwise Gram Circus will be not visible to you.

Once you have finished the first stage you will be enter in the next stage automatically, where the difficultly level will be moderate to high. As we have said already that in Gran Circus stage you will get 2 hidden stages which should be unlocked in order to play, So to unlock the 2 hidden stages you must achieve 65 stars by playing the 32 stages. Once you got the 65 starts the hidden stages will be unlocked automatically.

Incredible Circus Stage

Awesome Graphics: You can feel the awesome graphics only if you have installed the game on your phone. You can see HD animation video when you are starting the game for first time, in other words you can say that this is an HD game.

Incredible Circus Graphics

Share button: By using the share button you can share the game with your friends on Windows live and Facebook. This feature is only available on Windows Phone 7 users, not for regular Symbian users.



You can download this game from following link:

Download Incredible Circus for Nokia Belle, Anna and Symbian | Mirror Link

Download Incredible Circus for Windows Phone 7

Download Size: 14.23 MB

Note: Incredible Circus is a free game developed by Nokia institute of Technology (INDT).

[*] Windows Phone 7 users, might find this game not available on their country, this is just because there is delay in the translation process by iNdT.

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