How to use WiFi Widget on Nokia Belle

Nokia Belle comes with awesome widgets, one of them is the WiFi Widget which lets you to connect with the available Wi-Fi connections in a single click. Here, we are going to talk about how to Install and use Wi-Fi widget on Nokia Belle Home Screen.

How to Install Wi-Fi Widget

1. Tap on the Homescreen for 1-2 seconds. A popup menu will appear with an option to “Add Widgets“.

Nokia Belle Add Widget

2. Tap on the “Add Widgets” option.

Add Widget

3. Select Wi-Fi on/off widget from the Widget list.

Wi-Fi on off widget

Now, you will be able to see the Wi-Fi widget installed on the Homescreen.

Wi-Fi Widget installed on Nokia Belle

How to Turn On/Off Wi-Fi

1. Once you have installed the Wi-Fi widget on the Homescreen. Simply Tap on the Widget to turn on your Wi-Fi connection.

Wi-Fi On on Belle

2. To turn off the Wi-Fi, simply click on the widget again.

How to Setup Wi-Fi Connection

1. Tap on the Menu and Select the “Settings” button.

Belle Settings

2. Now, Tap on the “Connectivity” Option.

Nokia Belle Connectivity

3. Then click on the “Settings” option.

Connectivity Settings

4. Now, Tap on “Network Destinations“.

Network Destinations

5. Then Tap on “Access Points” to add new access points.

Network Access Points

6. It will ask you “Automatically check for available access points“. You have to Tap on the “Yes” Button.

Automatically check for available access points

7. Now, your Phone will search the available access points. If there is any access points near to your phone, then it will be shown in the “Available access points” menu. You have to Tap on the “Wi-Fi” option.

Available access points

8. Now, you have to Select the Wi-Fi Network. Tap any of the Network to continue. And add it in the Internet section.

Select Wi-Fi Network

Now, you have successfully installed Wi-Fi access point on your Phone. Lets check whether your settings are working fine or not. For checking your settings, use Nokia Browser and open any website.

Nokia Browser Testing Wi-Fi

If you are able to open any website then your settings are correct. If you are unable to open the website, then it means your settings are incorrect, to fix this you have to follow the steps above carefully.

Note: If your connection uses proxy then also you will be unable to open website. To fix this you have to learn how to use Wi-Fi proxy in Nokia Belle, Anna and Symbian device.

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