How to use SmartMovie Converter

SmartMovie Converter is one of the finest and best application available to convert videos for Nokia mobile. Here, we are going to guide you how to use SmartMovie Converter to convert video.

How to convert video with Smart Movie Converter

1. Download and Install Smart Movie converter on your Windows computer.

2. Once SmartMovie is installed on your computer, open It.

SmartMovie Video Converter

3. Now, Click on the Open Button (File > Open Video File or Alt+o). And locate the video file that you want to convert for mobile.

Open Video - Smart movie Converter

Locate Video for Smart Movie Converter

4. Now, you can adjust the Video bitrate. The More Bitrate you select the Video Quality will be better (288 Kbps is default). You can also set the Screen size for your phone (320 x 240 is default).

Adjust Bitrate in SmartMovie Converter

5. Now, setup the Audio Settings. If you want to have audio in the video you are converting then Select Enable. If you De-select this option then your video will be converted without voice. You can also adjust the Audio frequency according to your needs

6. If you are using Nokia phones then, you can use the Optimize for option. Simply, select your device from the list, Smart Movie Converter automatically detects the Screen Size of your phone and it also setup the suitable bitrate aswell.

SmartMovie optimize for

7. Now, Click on the Convert Button to start converting the video for Mobile.

Start Convert - SmartMovie

Video Converting Started

Once your video is converted, then you will see the converted file in the SmartMovie converted files folder (by default this folder will exist on the desktop of your computer).

SmartMovie converted files

Once, your video is converted successfully, then try to transfer the video to your Mobile using the Phone Data Cable or memory card.

You can also watch this tutorial live through the following video:

Download SmartMovie Converter

Note: Smart Movie Converter is a paid application and comes for 9.99 USD. If you wish you can purchase it from the Official SmartMovie page. After purchasing the Smart movie, you have to Install Smart Movie Player in the Mobile then Smart Movie Converter on computer. You will get product code in the Smart Movie Player, you have to use it in the Smart Movie Converter to unlock it.

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