How to use Remote Desktop App on Nokia Belle

Kinoni Remote Desktop is an application for Nokia users that helps you to connect your Phone to PC remotely. It allows you to use your computer from the phone remotely. You can play games, watch movies and use internet applications.

Before Following the steps below, you have to download 2 important files. These are:

  • Kinoni Remote Desktop Server – For Windows PC
  • Kinoni Remote Desktop client – For Nokia Device

How to use Remote Desktop on Nokia

1. Download Kinoni Remote Desktop server for your windows computer. After downloading you have to install it.

2. During Kinoni Remote Desktop server installation you would be asked to set password to protect your computer from unauthorized access (It should be of 8 digit or more).

Kinoni Remote Desktop

3. Under Network information you will be able to see the IP address with green color (it will be generated automatically, by the program itself). You have to use this IP address on your Phone in order to connect to the computer.

4. Download Kinoni Remote Desktop client for your Phone (you can also download it from Nokia store). After downloading you have to install it on your phone.

Kinoni Remote Desktop for Nokia Belle

5. Now, Open Kinoni Remote Desktop client on your Phone. And Tap on the “New Connection”, it will ask you to enter Kinoni Remote Server IP address.

Kinoni Remote Desktop client

6. Enter the IP address (for IP address, see step #3) and Tap on OK.

7. Now, it will ask you to enter the password (for Password, see Step #2).

Kinoni Remote Desktop Password

8. In the next step you have to Tap on the screen to continue.

  • Left Mouse Click – Click twice on the screen in order to left mouse click.
  • Right Mouse Click – Single click on the screen with 90 degree angle.
  • Pan – to move the mouse pointer.
  • Zoom –  You can zoom by using two fingers.

9. Now, you will be able to see your computer through your phone.

Note: This application requires internet connection on your phone and computer. And this applications doesnt supports more than one person to connect remotely.

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