How to Use Nokia Pro Camera on Nokia Lumia

Nokia is known for providing its customers with latest Smartphones and the features, and one of the best feature that Nokia provides is the Nokia Pro Camera. As there are many moments that happens in our life and sometimes we wish to capture them, and to do so we require very good and a quality camera. It is very easily understandable as there are indicators of all the different types of settings required as per use, and also have interactive tutorials which can teach even basic photography to anyone, even to the beginners. So today in my post I will tell you about the Nokia Pro camera and also how can you make the most use of the camera and its features.

Nokia Pro Camera

The controls on the pro camera available in the Lumia Smartphones are much better and improved when compared to the other device’s camera options. The controls are straight forward and simple, but really the cool ones.

  • White balance
  • You can also use or set the focus manually with the help of Manual focus option.
  • The great feature that it supports is the shutter speed, the shutter speed that it provides is almost equal to 1/16000 to 4 seconds.

Using the features & camera the right way

There are many outstanding and attractive features in Lumia pro camera, which can attract the attention of any humans.


You need not search for the buttons or keys in order to zoom in or zoom out while having a view of the video, but you just need to slide on your screen with one finger while watching the video.

Face detection

You get an amazing option of face detection, you can turn on this face detection mode, so as to get the proper and perfect focus on the face automatically, this is possible as you will notice the rectangles around the faces detected by pro camera. This can be done automatically by keeping the face detection mode ON or you can also do it manually too.


However, your pic may be whether the good or bad, if the positioning or framing part is missed by you, then it can be considered as similar to waste or crash, so your framing part should be cool and attractive, and this is the time when you can make use of an option “framing grid”, that is available for you in this pro camera. You can use your two fingers to rotate the image and fit it in a desired frame or position, and also you can change the aspect ratio.


While taking pics we mainly face problems related to lighting, sometimes it is too dark to take a pic or sometimes its too sunny, it’s very rare that we can take a perfect snap. So to overcome this problem, pro camera offers light detecting when there is no sun, Xenon flash is made available when there is low light and many more.


Overall, it is a good decision of having a pro camera in your Smartphone, which is offering you with dozens of features which are really helpful in many aspects of photography.

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