How to search files on Nokia N8

Nokia N8 Belle comes with file manager that helps you to track on all of the available files and folders on your Phone. But if you are looking for any specific file or folder then Search App is the best option to search anything on your phone including Files, Folders, Contacts, Messages, calender entry, music and video and web history.

Sometimes, it become confusing to find any downloaded or Bluetooth received files on your phone, in this Search option will help you to find the files in few seconds. Here, we are going to guide you how to search for files on Nokia N8 running on Nokia Belle.

Search files using the Search App in Nokia N8

1. Tap on the Menu button and select Search Application.

Nokia N8 Search App

2. Now, type the file name or contact name or anything that you want to search on your N8 phone.

N8 Type & Search

Note: Search App is able to search anything including Files, Folders, Contacts, Messages, calender entry, music and video and web history.

Search Apps using the taskbar search

1. Tap on the Menu button, then Tap on Search button on the Taskbar.

N8 Taskbar Search

2. Now type the Application name you want to search on your phone.

N8 Type App name and search

Note: It only searches the name of the application which is already installed on your phone. If you search for apps which is not installed on your phone then no results will be shown.

[*] By default Nokia N8 belle comes with two options to search for files that is by specific application (Search) from the Nokia Menu and Search shortcut which comes in the taskbar. So, dont get confused with both of the search options available on Nokia N8 Belle.

[*] Nokia N8 phone running on Nokia Anna has no Taskbar search option. In case you are still using Nokia Anna OS on your phone then update your phone to Nokia Belle.

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  • November 27, 2012 at 2:22 am

    hey frnd Belle is really good but people like me feel really bore seeing the same face so some times it is better to switch to Anna OS for a change for few days if the person is not ready to change the handset .


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