How to remove Nokia N8 Battery

Nokia N8 Battery is not meant to be removed by the users, you have to visit the Service center if you go any battery problem. But that doesnt means that we can not remove the battery yourself. Here, we are going to guide you how to remove Nokia N8 battery in cause you want to learn how to replace the battery with yourself.


  • Standard Tool Kit (we recommend you Nokia Standard Tool Kit)
Standard ScrewDriver

How to Remove Battery

1. Firstly, Unscrew the Torx+ Size 4 screw from each side on Nokia N8 (make sure not to remove the screw completely).

Nokia N8 - Unscrew the Torx+ Size 4 screw

2. Now, try to pull out the Bottom Assay.

Remove Bottom Assay

Bottom Assay removed

3. Now, you will be able to see a Battery LID (Battery LID Protects or Holds the Nokia N8 battery). You have to remove the Battery Lid by pulling it into direction (Do not apply extra pressure on the Battery LID).

Nokia N8 Battery LID

Remove Nokia N8 Battery LID

Nokia N8 Battery LID Removing

Nokia N8 Battery LID Removed

4. Now, try to pull out Battery using the T Tape.

Nokia N8 Battery T-tape

Hold Nokia N8 Battery T-Tape

Nokia N8 Battery Removing

Nokia N8 Battery Removed

5. Now, try to replace the old battery with the new battery and pull it in the same way you have removed the old battery. And then Fix the Battery LID into its place and screw the Torx+ Size 4.

6. Once you are done, Restart your phone to see whether your Phone battery is working or not.

Note: We recommend you to use Nokia Standard tool kit in order to remove the Nokia N8 battery.

  • There is no need to worry if you have removed the screw completely in Step #1. Basically we recommend you to not to remove the screw completely because it will be easy to screw it again quickly, as removing the battery hardly takes five minutes.
  • Do not apply extra pressure on the Battery LID otherwise it may break in Step #3. In case battery LID is broken, contact Nearest Nokia Service center.
  • T-Tape comes along with the original Nokia N8 Batteries.

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    Can you please send me the procedure to change the nokia n8 battery.
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    Nokia n8 is my favourite phone, so try to make skype video call work properly ok!

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