How to delete shortcuts from Nokia Belle home screen

Nokia Belle comes with lots of awesome features, one of them is to add and delete shortcuts from Nokia homescreen. This feature was not introduced in Nokia Anna and the regular Symbian releases. Here, we are going to guide you how to delete or remove shortcut icons from Nokia belle home screen.

How to Add shortcut on Nokia Belle

1. Tap on the HomeScreen for 1-3 seconds, a popup menu will appear with a option to “Add Shortcut“. Tap on it.

Add Shortcut - Nokia Belle

2. Now, you will see the list of shortcuts available on your phone. Simply click on any of them to add it on the homescreen.

Shortcut List - Nokia Belle

Select Shortcut - Nokia Belle

Shortcut Added on Nokia Belle

How to Delete shortcut on Nokia Belle

1. By default you will see lots of Icons on Nokia Belle HomeScreen. Simply Tap on any Shortcut Icon for 1-2 seconds.

Delete Shortcut on Nokia Belle

2. A cross mark will be appear on the top-right of the shortcut. Click on the the Cross mark in order to delete the shortcut.

How to Move Shortcuts from one HomeScreen to another

1. Tap on the shortcut for 1-2 seconds that you want to move to another screen.

Tap on Shortcut

2. Now, Press on the shortcut icon and slightly move it to the side of the screen (dont remove your finger). It will automatically, dragged in another home screen.

Drag Icons to another homescreen - Nokia Belle

(see live dragging)

Note: By default Nokia Belle allows you to add or delete single shortcut on the homescreen. You can also move the same Icon any where on the homescreen. 

  • If you are installing any 3rd party application on Nokia Belle then the application shortcut will be shown in the Shortcut list (Step #2). This feature was introduced in Nokia Anna and the previous Symbian OS releases.
  • If you want to get the Default Icon settings on Nokia Belle then try Soft Reset on your Phone (doing soft reset will helps you to get default icon settings). 

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