How to Delete GPRS settings on Nokia Belle, Anna

Nokia Belle comes with an advance feature to enable or disable GPRS settings (mobile connection), using the “Pull Down Taskbar”. It helps users to choose whether they wants to use GPRS settings or Wi-Fi connection. Here, we are going to talk about How to delete GPRS settings and disabling GPRS connection on Belle.

How to Delete GPRS settings

1. Open “Menu” and Tap on the “Settings” Icon.

Nokia Belle Menu Settings

2. Tap on the “Connectivity” option.

Nokia Connectivity

3. Now, Tap on the “Settings” Option.

Nokia Connectivity Settings

4. Then, Tap on the “Network Destinations“.

Network Destinations

5. Under Network Destinations you will be able to see the Internet Destinations like “Internet” and “WAP services“. Search both of the Destinations for the GPRS settings (by default you will get GPRS settings under the “WAP services“).

Select Network Destinations

6. Once You have located the GPRS settings that you want to delete, then Tap on it for 1-2 seconds for Popup menu which gives you an option to “Delete” the GPRS settings.

Internet Network Destinations

Delete GPRS Settings

Note: If you are not using the GPRS connection, then only delete the settings from your phone, it will helps you to save some bucks. And no need to worry that you have deleted the settings then it will not recovered back. You can get the GPRS settings back anytime and anywhere.

How to Disable GPRS settings on Nokia Belle

1. On Nokia Belle, Pull down the Taskbar (there you will be able to see Blue color is highlighted in the background of “Mobile Data” Icon, which means your GPRS connection is ON).

Pull Down Taskbar - Nokia Belle

2. Now, in order to turn OFF the GPRS settings on your phone. You have to Tap on the Mobile Data Icon, in order to disable or OFF the GPRS settings on Nokia Belle.

Disable GPRS on Belle

Now, you have learned how to Delete the GPRS settings and how to Disable GPRS settings on your Nokia Belle Phone. We recommend you to use the 2nd tip “How to Disable the GPRS settings on Nokia Belle. And If you are a Symbian Anna user then it is highly recommended to Delete the GPRS settings, only if you are not using it or not want to use it.

If you want to Learn how to Setup Wi-Fi connection on Nokia Belle then do read How to use WiFi Widget on Nokia Belle. And if you want to setup internet proxy then see Setup Proxy on Nokia Belle, Anna ans Symbian.

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