How to create new Profile on Nokia Belle, Anna, Symbian

Profile on Nokia phone, enables you to setup your personalized settings like ringtone for new calls, vibrating alert, say callers name etc. Here, we are going to guide you how to create new Profile on your Nokia Belle, Anna and Symbian Phone.

How to Create New Profile

1. Tap on the Menu Button from Homescreen and Go to the Settings.

Nokia Menu Settings

2. Then Tap on the Profiles Option.

Profiles Option

3. Now, Tap on the Options Button and Select Create New.

Profile Click on Options

Create New Profile

4. Now, you will be Landed on the New Profile Page. From New profile page you can setup the Profile according to your Need.

New Profile Page

Ringtone: It allows you to setup your own custom ringtone from the default ringtone list and from music library.

Ringing Type: From this option you can setup Ringing Type as Ringing, Ascending, Ring Once and Beep once.

Ringing Type

Ringing Volume: It allows you to setup the ringtone volume. If you want to have loud ring when any one call you then setup the bar to maximum.

Ringing Volume

Message Alert Tone: Same as Ringtone, it also allows you to setup custom tone for new messages.

Message Alert Tone

Key tone: It allows you to setup key tone. There are only 3 levels of Key tone available in Nokia Belle, Anna and Symbian. And it also does not allow you to change key tone type.

Key tone

Vibrating Alert: It allows you to enable or disable vibration for all new calls and Messages.

Vibrating Alert

Video Call Tone: It allows you to setup custom ringtone for video calls.

Video Call Tone

Mail Alert Tone: It allows you to setup tone for all new E-mails on your Phone (this feature will only work, if you have setup e-mail on your Nokia phone).

Warning Tone: It allows you to enable or disable warning tones on your Phone (For example: You will listen tone whenever phone battery is over).

Warning Tone

Say Callers Name: This option will helps you to listen Callers Name, whenever you get new calls.

Say Callers Name

3-D ringtone Effects: If you want to have 3D ringtone for all new calls then enable it. Otherwise leave it as it is.

Touch Screen Vibration: It allows you to enable or disable Touch Screen Vibration.

Touch Screen Tones: It allows you to setup Touch Screen Tones level.

Touch Screen Tones

Alert For: This feature enables you to setup alert for All calls.

Profile Name: It allows you to setup name for the new profile you are creating.

Profile Name

5. Once, you have personalize the profile options. Get back to the Profiles and Select your Newly Created Profile to activate it.

New profile

Note: If you want to Delete New profile that you have created then Simply go to the Settings > Profile > Select the New profile you have created, it will gives you option to delete the profile.

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