How to copy Icons from one theme to another

Theme Graphics Switcher is a free application for PC that allows you to copy icons from one theme to another theme. It supports S60 3rd edition and S60 5th edition themes.

How to use Theme Graphics Switcher

1. Open Theme Graphics Switcher and under Packages of source and target themes you have to select the “Source theme” from which you want to copy the applications and folder icons (For Example: we have used the Sensation theme as “Source Theme”).

Theme Graphics Switcher - Source Theme

2. Them Under “Target Theme” you have to select the target theme on which you want to copy the icons (For Example: we have used the iFiber theme as “Target Theme”).

Theme Graphics Switcher - Target Theme

3. Then, under “Apply Graphics”, Select the Icons that you want to transfer in the targeted theme.

Theme Graphics Switcher - Apply Graphics

4. Now, Select “Remove Original icons from the target theme.

Theme Graphics Switcher - Remove Original Icons

5. Then, click on the Start button in order to begin the transfering process of Icons.

Theme Graphics Switcher - Start Transfer

Once, Transfering is completed you can copy and Install the Target theme on your Phone (below, you can see the original iFiber theme preview on the left side and Modified iFiber theme with Sensation theme icons on the right side).

Final Theme Preview

Theme Graphics Switcher, also saves the backup of the target theme you are editing with .bak extension. If you find the icons doesnt match with the target theme then you can use the backup theme to restore the original theme. It does not requires you to sign the theme package before installation it on your Phone, it automatically sign it for you.

You can download this utility from the following link:

Download Theme Graphics Switcher

This utility is created by Aquarius. You can use this application on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Note: The current version of Theme Graphics Switcher only allows you to transfer the Applications, Messaging, Media Gallery, Folder, Log and GPRS, Settings, Phonebook, Miscellaneous and Note Icons. It doesnt allow you to transfer the function of the theme.

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