How to Change Wallpaper on Nokia Belle, Anna, Symbian

Changing wallpaper on Nokia belle and Anna is quite easy process, but if you are beginner then this How-to guide might help you out. Here, we are going to guide you how to Change Wallpaper on Nokia Belle, Anna and Symbian phones.

How to Change Wallpaper

1. Tap on the Homescreen for 2-3, a popup menu will be appeared with an option of Add Widget, Add Shortcut and “Change Wallpaper“.

Nokia Belle HomeScreen option

2. You have to Tap on the “Change Wallpaper” option.

Nokia Belle Change Wallpaper

3. Then, Tap on “Image” option (to select images from the phone memory or memory card).

Nokia belle Change Wallpaper Image

4. Now select any wallpaper that you want to set on the Homescreen.

Select Any Wallpaper

Now you will be able to see the New wallpaper has been set on the Homescreen.

Final Changed Wallpaper

Note: You can only change the wallpaper of the homescreen, on which you are landing right now. You have to do the same process for all homescreen, otherwise theme’s default wallpaper will be shown.

How to Restore Default Wallpaper of Theme

1. Tap on the Homescreen for few seconds, a select “Change Wallpaper“.

Belle Change Wallpaper

2. Under the Change Wallpaper, tap and select “Default” Option.

Belle Default Wallpaper

Now, you will be able to see the default image on the Homescreen of your Nokia Phone.

Note: Default Nokia Belle theme have “Black” or Now wallpaper. Means If you are using the Nokia Evolve Theme (Default), then the default Wallpaper will be black.

From the above tips you have learned how to change wallpapers on Nokia Belle and Anna. The next step is to learn how to Download  Widgets and Add Widgets on the homescreen of Nokia belle.

Download Default Nokia Belle Wallpapers

Nokia Belle, was introduced with few of the amazing wallpapers. Here we are going to share the original wallpaper package found in the Nokia Belle for N8. Following is the preview of this package:

Original Nokia Belle Wallpapers

You can download this package from the following link:

Download Original Nokia Belle Wallpapers

Note: If you do Hard or Soft reset on your Nokia Belle, then you will get the default wallpaper settings. If you wan to learn how to do Soft and Hard Reset then click here.

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