How to Change Nokia Belle, Anna Icons

Nokia Belle and Anna were introduced with awesome icons but whenever we install any 3rd party application or game then the Icons doesnt remains same as compared with iPhone. In iPhone all applications and games icons are same but in Nokia some programs have circular and some have rectangular icons.

Here, we are going to guide you how to change Nokia Belle, Anna, Icons using a small utility called Icon Changer. Icon Changer is a small utility created by LanternSoft. By using this utility you can easily change any programs Icons. This program provides you more than 300 predefined images, you can easily select any icons from these predefined images or you can also select any icon from your disk.

How to use Icon Changer to change Nokia Belle Icons

1. Open your Nokia App Store.

Nokia App Store

2. Search for Icon Store and Open It.

Search Icon Changer in Nokia App store

Select Icon Changer

3. Once Icon Changer App page opens, simply click on Buy (it will costs you 25 rupees only). Then Click on Download.

Click on Buy Icon Changer

4. Now, go to Nokia Menu and Select Icon Changer App.

Select Icon Changer App

5. Following is the Preview of Icon Changer App:

Icon Changer Preview

6. Now, You have to select any App from the list, of which you want to change the Icon. (we have selected iPhano application, to change the Icon).

Select Any App to Change Icon

7. Then click on Options button, a menu will popup with an option of Select Predefined image. Tap on it.

Select Predefined Images

8. Now, select any Predefined Icon (program contains more than 300 predefined icons).

Select Any Icon

9. Once you have selected any Icon, your Icon Assign is Completed. Means you have successfully changed the Icon of the App that you wanted to.

Icon Assign Complete

10. Following is the final preview of the Application of which we have changed the Icon using Icon Changer (we have changed the icon of iPiano App).

Final Preview of your App.

From the Above guidelines you can easily learn how to use Icon Changer easily. Although Icon Changer is a paid utility, but it worth it because is a really handy too and will helps to make users to customize their Nokia phones.

If you wish to give a try to this application then you can download it from Icon Changer page.

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