How to change message centre number on Nokia Belle, Anna, Symbian

There are lots of users who didnt know how to change message centre number on nokia Belle, Anna and Symbian phones. In case, if you dont know How to change it on Nokia Belle and Anna then here you can learn it.

Change Message Centre Number on Nokia

1. Tap on the Menu button from the HomeScreen of your Nokia Belle, Anna or Symbian phone.

2. Then, Tap and Open Messaging Button. It will open Messages on your Phone.

Open Messages on Nokia Belle

3. Now, Tap on the Options button from the Right Bottom.

Tap on Message Options

4. From the menu Tap on the Settings option.

Message Settings

5. From the Settings menu, Tap on the Text Message.

Text Message Nokia Belle

6. Under Text Message menu, Tap on the Message Centres.

Message Centre

7. Now, from the message centres menu, tap on the SIM message centre.

SIM Message centre

8. From the SIM Message centre Menu, Tap on the Message centre number option.

Message centre number

9. Now, enter your service providers Message Centre Number.

Enter Message centre number

Note: You can obtain Message Centre number from your service provider, by contacting to the customer care executive person. 

  • By default all SIM cards comes with pre-defined Message centre number. 
  • Do not enter any local number in the Message Centre number option, otherwise your phone Messaging service will be interrupted. In case your Message Centre number does not work contact your SIM service provider to obtain new centre number.
  • Every SIM service provider provides unique Message Centre number for the customers. Means if you are using the centre number of Airtel then you cannot use it with the Vodaphone SIM card.
  • Y0u can setup more than one Message Centre number on your Nokia Belle and Anna Phones. But it may cause problems while sending or reviving the messages.
  • Message Centre number and Voice mailbox number are totally different from each other. So, do not get confused with it.
In case you are unable to setup the centre number on your phone, then hard reset your phone will help you to get the default Message Centre number or remove and re-insert SIM card on your phone.

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