Google Search App for Windows Phone

Google Search App for Windows phone allows you to search you query without opening the mobile browser and saves the time. Simply Enter your Query, you will get automatic and instant suggestions related to your query.

Google Search App for Windows Phone

Features of Google App

1. Instant Search: Whenever you search any query using the Google App, you will get instant results. You do not have to open your Browser to search your query on With instant search this process becomes much faster, simply search any query and you will get your results within the Application.

2. Auto Suggestions: Whenever you type any query in the Search bar you will get auto suggestions related to your query. This feature is also known as “Autocomplete“.

3. Voice Search: Like Android and iPhone, now you can have Voice search feature on your Windows Phone. Simply Open this application from your phone, you will see a Mic button on the right side. You have to tap on the Mic, then speak any thing that you want to search. Your results will be shown immediately.

4. Search Nearby: This feature allows you to find your nearby places without typing your location on the search bar.

5. Switch Easily: You can Easily switch between the images, places, news, and more.

You can download Google Application for Windows Phone 7 and above from the following link:

Download Google Search App for Windows Phone

Download Size: 1 Mb only.

Compatible with: Windows Phone 7.5 or higher


Google App for Windows Phone is awesome to get better and instant results. But there is some issues in the Image search, you cannot change the page from the arrows or page numbers. You can only hope that Image search issue get fixed in the next major update by Google.

If you wish you can try Google Search application on your phone. At least it is far better than the default Bing Search Engine which comes with the Internet Explorer on your Windows Phone. 

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