Flashing a Custom ROM on Nokia Lumia 710/800

Well, one of the best smart phones which have been loved by the users a lot have been nokia Lumia 710 and 800. It has been a long time since the launch of these smart phones and the users might have gotten a little upset with its performance now a days. So what can we do to make our smart devices functional the same way they were at the time we bought it. Well the answer lies in flashing the device.

flashing custom rom on nokia lumia 710

What is flashing?

I am going to explain about the basic meaning of flashing for those who are new to this term or don’t know what it exactly is. Flashing is changing or overriding the ROM on your smart device. As we all know that the ROM memory is permanent and anything on it cannot be changed, so what we can do is we can change the entire information on the ROM by removing everything on it and starting from the starting. This is the meaning of the flashing and by this we thus can make our device functional the same way it was at the time we bought it.

How to flash nokia Lumia 710 and 800

Firstly, before flashing any device we must always have the needed backup which is required by us because one the device is flashed all the information on the phone which we might need in the future will also be erased. So we need to have the backup for our nokia Lumia 710 and 800.

Steps to flash are

  1. First, you have to check whether the boot loader is unblocked or not. If not then you simply have to press the sound up button and then connect to the computer and see whether its showing mass storage option. If it is, then it has been unlocked.
  2. Then you have to download the firmware which is required by the user.
  3. One has to make sure that their smart device is always connected to the computer.
  4. Then they have to perform the task of locating the appropriate partition on their phones.
  5. Now we have to perform the hard reset on the device for which you have to press the power key for around 10 seconds. Then you have to press the power key along with the volume down key and the camera button for the duration of time till your phone doesn’t vibrate. After that you have to keep on your hold on the volume and power key leaving the camera button for another few seconds.
  6. Finish your flashing as completed and now you have the whole new ROM for yourself.

Final conclusion

At last we would like to say that flashing should be done pretty carefully and should not be done until you have experience or someone experienced is around you. Flashing can cause your smart device to stop functioning and become a piece of dead box. Thus you should be completely sure before you flash your device.

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  • April 15, 2014 at 1:41 pm

    Will it work on nokia 500???


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