How to Flash Nokia 500

Well, we must have heard about the term flashing, but most of us I guess did not understand the meaning of the word flashing. Flashing can be referred to as rooting but it is like not just getting access to phone as your own, but to change the complete way the phone works. Flashing a smart phone means we change the operating system which our smart device is currently using to a new operating system.

flash nokia 500


With the help to flashing we can change the operating system our smart device is currently using some other operating system. Basically flashing can be divided into two types which are named as partial flashing and complete flashing.

Partial flashing

In this kind of flashing we do not entirely change the operating system, but we can change a few read only memory commands. For example, if you are partial flashing a music app you can change the basic functionality of the app but the operating system remains the same. Thus, this kind of flashing is known as partial flashing.

Complete flashing

This flashing involves changing the complete operating system of the device like you would just swap your entire operating system with a new one. While doing this kind of flashing the entire memory will be erased and you have to have a proper backup of all the files you want to have for the future.

Flashing nokia 500

This is flashing with the phoenix software.

  1. First, you need to go to the phoenix icon on your desktop or anywhere else where it is available.
  2. Then you need to rich click on the icon and select the properties option from the drop down menu.
  3. In the properties menu select the shortcut tab under which you will find the open file location and the scroll up where you will find the product folder.
  4. Open up the folder by clicking on it and then paste the RM-xx picture over there.
  5. Then you need to connect your mobile to the PC and wait for them to synchronize with each other.
  6. After that you need to disconnect the phone and switch it off.
  7. Then open the phoenix software and click on the open folder option.
  8. Then choose RM-697 after which you will get a connection area where you have to enter no connection.
  9. Then you need to choose the flashing tab under which you have to select the firmware update option.
  10. Select the product code from there, after which you will have to click on the ok option available.
  11. Then you have to click on the dead USB option available over there following which a tick mark will appear over there.
  12. Then you need to select the option button and delete the files present over there.
  13. Then you will need to reconnect the mobile phone which you have earlier turned off.
  14. Then all you have to do is waiting for a message being displayed that the flashing has been successfully completed.
  15. This is how you can flash your nokia 500. But do remember it may just clean all the files on your phone and make it a ded box, so you have to be very careful while flashing your device.

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