Download Weather Widget for Nokia Belle

Weather Widget for Nokia is an awesome widget which shows current weather report on the Homescreen of your phone. It shows the maximum and minimum temperature and weather report of your location.

It uses GPS and Wi-Fi or 3G connection to show get the live weather report.

1. Firstly, Download Weather Widget for Nokia.

2. Now, extract and copt the “Weather Widget.sisx” file to your PC or you can install it using the Nokia Suite.

3. If you have moved the file to your phone, then you have to locate the file on your phone and install it.

4. Once installation is done, you have to restart your Phone.

Once, You have successfully installed the new widget on your Phone. Then, you have to add the new weather widget on Homescreen of your phone. For doing so, follow the below procedure:

1. Tap on the homescreen of your phone, and select “Add Widget“. It will open the Widgets list, you have to Tap on the “Weather, now“.

Nokia Belle Add Widget

Tap on Weathers Now Widget

2. Once you have selected the widget it will automatically shown on the homescreen. Now, widget will automatically use GPS or 3G connection to get live reports.

Weather Widget Working Live

3. If you find the widget is not working automatically then you have to do it yourself. Tap on the “Weather Widget“, a popup menu will appear with an option “Current location” and “Somewhere else“. Tap on the “Somewhere else” option.

Weather Widget not Working

Tap on Weather Widget

4. Now, under the “where in the world” write your city name and click on search button.

where in the world

5. Now, select your city from the results.

Select your City for Weather report

Now, you will be able to see the widget working successfully on your Phone.

Weather Widget Working

Note: Weather Widget might not work for many cities. If you find this error, then you can locate your near-by place to see the widget working.

If you got any error of unsigned app while installing this widget in your Phone then you have to Hack your phone to install unsigned app, read How to install unsigned app.

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