How to Download Nokia Widgets for Belle, Anna, Symbian

Nokia Belle provides facility to have widgets of all sizes in your favorite Nokia phone. Here, we are going to talk about Nokia Widgets, including How-to download it and use in your Nokia Belle.

You can have widgets on home screen of your Nokia in 5 different sizes. By default you will get Analog Clock, Digital Clock, Contacts, Wi-Fi on/off, Profile, Calender, Mail, Radio, and a big size widget for Music Player. But if you are looking for more widgets that is not listed in the Widgets Menu then, below you will learn how to download more widgets for your phone.

1. Tap on the Nokia Home Screen, you will get an option to add Widgets.

Nokia Widgets

2. Click on the option Add Widgets.

3. Now on the Taskbar you will see a Store Button. Simply click on it.

Widget Store

4. Then you will be directed on the Nokia App store. It will open Home Screen Apps section from where you can download lots of free as well as paid widgets for your Nokia Belle phone.

Widget App Store

5. Now, you can download any Widget App, for doing so simply, Tap on and App.

Tap Widget

6. Then click on the Download Button.

Widget Download

7. Once app is downloaded it will install automatically.

Widget Downloading

8. Now simply Go to Home Screen, and Tap for menu and Select Add widgets.

Add New Widgets

7. Your downloaded app will be listed in the widgets menu. Simply, select it. It will appear on home screen instantaneously. Now, you will be able to see the new widgets get live on the Home Screen.

You can install widgets of any size, according to your need. If you are getting any problem while following the above steps then do read the steps twice. If you want to learn how to install widgets on Nokia Belle then see Install Widgets on Nokia Belle Anna.

If you liked the above guidelines about downloading widgets for Nokia Belle or Anna and it become useful for you in any aspect then we will love to hear it from you through comment form below.

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