Top 25 Free Nokia 2690 Themes to Download

One of the most lovable aspects of having a Nokia mobile is that there would be unbelievably profuse free themes to download for almost any Nokia model. Since you are reading this article, it is evident that you own a Nokia 2690 and are planning to get your hands on some free Nokia 2690 themes to download.

free nokia 2690 themes

But there are so many useful (and sadly many useless too) themes out there that get you hold your head in confusion. So I have compiled a series of free themes for  Nokia 2690 for you to download and segregated them under various categories. Also, most of these themes are compatible with many other Nokia mobiles like -Nokia 1680c, 2220s, 2320c, 2323c, 2330c, 2600c, 2630, 2660, 2680s, 2690, 2720 fold, 2865i, 3109C, 3110 Evolve, 3110c, 3500c, 3555, 5070, 6102i, 6151, 6165, 7070 Prism.

So lets get started. Quickly skim through all the categories and choose the best for yourself.

Download free themes for Nokia 2690

Nokia 2690 OS themes

  • Free Windows 8 metro theme for Nokia : The much awaited OS is here. How can we not have a theme on it? This free Nokia theme comes with the hit metro interface kind of look. The home screen has time, date and weather displayed on various multi colored tiles, while the ,menu icons also mimic the windows 8 theme.

nokia 2690 metro theme

Download Theme (from Mobile9)

  • Free Windows 7 theme for Nokia : Though there are many windows 7 styled theme for Nokia, this one impressed my most, because it is naturally windows 7. The best thing I like about this theme is the main menu which is designed exactly like a windows 7 window with the minimize/maximize/close buttons and the default windows 7 icons for each menu item. The main screen is designed with dummy widgets as in windows 7.

nokia 2690 windows 7 theme

Download Theme (from mobile9)

  • Free Ubuntu theme for Nokia : Ubuntu is in itself considered to be most aesthetic OS. It’s beauty is well carried to mobile with this free Ubuntu theme for Nokia.

ubuntu theme for nokia

Download Theme (from The unlocker)

  • Free Mac OS theme for Nokia : Mac X mountain OS is known for its default dark starry background. The same is used in this Mac theme for Nokia in both the home screen as well as in the menu screen.

nokia 2690 mac theme

Download Theme (from ThemeReflex)

 Nokia 2690 Quotation Themes

  •  This theme is one of my favorites because of the catchy quote “If you are bad, I am your dad”.  It is an animated theme with cartoon menu icons.
    free quote theme for nokia

    Download Theme (from OwnSkin)

  • This sweet little warns people to not touch your phone.

dont touch nokia 2690 theme

Download (from ownskin)

  • Show of your attitude with this Nokia 2690 theme

attitude nokia 2690 theme

Download (from mobile9)

Nokia 2690 Game Themes

  • Angry birds theme comes with everyone’s favorite Angry birds and the bad pigs.

angry birds nokia 2690 theme

Download ( from mobile9)

  • This Nokia theme GTA theme is specific to Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

nokia gta theme

Download ( from ownskin)

Nokia 2690 Cartoon Themes

  • Lovely Pooh theme comes with a cute pooh in the main screen and all the other icons are from the Pooh cartoon.

Pooh nokia 2690 themes

Download (from OwnSkin)

  • Sponge Bob nokia theme comes with sponge bob cartoon’s faces in the main wallpaper and all icons.

sponge bob nokia theme

Download (from Mobile9)

  • Dragon ball z nokia 2690 theme is a purple skin that has Goku as the main wallpaper and other Dragon Ball Z characters for each menu item.

dragon ball z nokia 2690 themeDownload (from Mobile9)

  • Ben 10 theme comes with 2 wallpaper options and each menu icon is a Ben 10 villein.

ben 10 nokia 2690 themes

Download (from mobile9)

Nokia 2690 Nature Themes

  • Sunshine shore nokia 2690 theme is a must for aqua blue lovers.

seashore nokia theme

Download (from ownskin)

  • Dark night theme is a subtle gray theme with artistic dark trees.

dark night nokia theme

Download (from ownskin)

  • Waterfall themes is a great animated scenery. The menu screen gets a pebble background.

water fall nokia theme

Download (from ownskin)

  • Colorful flower theme has a vibrant main screen and an abstract menu screen background.

flower theme nokia

Download (from ownskin)

Nokia 2690 Scary Themes

  • The skeleton theme gives many skull background options.

skeleton theme nokia 2690

Download (from ownskin)

  • Blood lover is a non animated skull theme.

blood lover nokia 2690 theme

Download ( form mobile9)

  • Danger theme looks truly dangerous. Isn’t it?

danger nokia theme

Download (from ownskin)

Nokia 2690 Love Themes

  • I love you is a sweet finger art theme.

I love you nokia theme

Download (from mobile9)

  • Love couple theme is a couple at the sea-shore. All the menu icons are love symbols.

love couple nokia theme

Download (from ownskin)

  • Sweet love  theme is that of a sweet dummy couple.

sweet love couple

Download (from mobile9)

Nokia 2690 Miscellaneous Themes

  • Broken glass theme – the name says it all.

broken glass nokia 2690 theme

Download (from mobile9)

  • Smileys nokia 2690 theme is full of cute yellow smileys

smileys theme nokia 2690

Download (from mobile9)

  • Butterfly theme is of purple neon glow butterflies with a light blue menu screen background.

nokia 2690 theme butterfly

Download (from ownskin)

  • Nokia 2690 Linestract theme is one of the best when it comes to abstract themes.

nokia linestract theme 2690

Download (from themereflex)

Hope you like this set of top free Nokia 2690 themes. Do let me know through the comments. Safe downloading !

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