Default Apps in Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM

Being a windows phone Nokia Lumia 630 contains almost all the apps provided by Nokia.

Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM

Software: Lumia 630 operates on windows 8.1 software with Lumia Cyan.

Personal information management apps: Calendar, Calculator, Alarm Clock, Clock, Phonebook, Reminders, Kid’s Corner, Family Room, To-do list, Wallet, OneNote, Notifications and Social network in Phonebook.

Business apps: Company Hub for enterprise applications, Lync (Corporate IM) free download.

Office apps: Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, PDF, Adobe Reader free download, OneDrive storage.

Sync content: Pictures, Video, Calendar, Contacts and Music.

Sync type: Nokia Photo Transfer for Mac, Exchange ActiveSync.

Game apps: XBox-Live Hub, Touch UI, DirectX 11.

Email clients: Nokia Mail, Gmail, Windows Live / / Hotmail, MS Exchange Active Sync, IBM Notes Traveler, Yahoo! Mail, Office 365 / Outlook / Exchange.

Email protocols: POP3, IMAP4, SMTP.

These email apps contain–Multiple Email accounts, Inbox filtering, HTML emails, Viewing and editing of email attachments, Linked inboxes, conversational view on email, Text-to-speech message reader features.

Instant messaging: WhatsApp, WeChat, Skype IM, LINE, Viber, Twitter, MySpace, Yahoo! Messenger.

Social apps: Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkdIn.

Location and navigation apps: HERE Maps, HERE Drive+, HERE Transit.

HERE Maps: This app helps in discovering the best and interesting places around. and HERE app helps you in accessing your favorite places.

HERE Drive: This app helps you in navigating even when you are offline and also by providing regional voice-guided directions for free. HERE Drive includes dedicated dashboard, audible speed limit warnings and commute assistance features. You can also access any place by saving it.

HERE Transit: This helps in navigating the places through bus, subway and trains. Compare arrival and departure times, route options and walking distances in over 50 countries and 700 cities.

Photography apps: Nokia camera, Cinemagraph, Panorama, Nokia Storyteller, Nokia Refocus.

Nokia Camera: This app combines the features of both Nokia Smart Cam and Nokia Pro Cam into one application. One can experience the exclusive camera experience with quick access to sharing and editing.

Cinemagraph: It helps in creating pictures which seem to be almost alive by allowing you to select any animated area of the picture and editing it. Sharing this cinemagraph photo is made possible through email, social media and messaging.

Panorama: This app helps in taking bigger pictures and also switches it into a perfect picture automatically.

Nokia Storyteller: This app shows your whole story by collecting and showing your videos, cinemagraph and pictures into a map and browsable timeline. You can edit your photos by zooming into them through Lumia camera applications. To know the place where the event took place you need to zoom out of the story.

Nokia Refocus: you can capture macro photos and select what is needed to focus later. You can share this picture with your friends so that they can play around with changing the focus on it.

Music apps: Xbox Music, Nokia MixRadio.

Nokia MixRadio: This app brings out the streamed mixes of your favorite music. Its free of cost and one no subscription or advertisement is required for enjoying the features provided by this app.

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