Dance to Charge Your Phone Battery

You must have charged your phone’s battery by plugging it into the electrical switchboard. But whenever your mobile phone runs out of the charge or if it flashes, low battery warning will you find these electrical boards every time? Obviously, no, so what can be the solution for this kind of problems? What if I say that you can charge up your phone’s battery by just dancing? Yes, you hear it right. Haven’t you ever heard or thought of charging your mobile phone battery by just dancing?? If not then just get ready to get surprised with the news that the Nokia is all set to make you dance in order to charge up your mobile phone’s battery (secondary option) as Nokia in its future devices is planning to install an amazing software into their device, which will charge your phone’s battery whenever you dance. Isn’t it cool? Just think, your phone gets charged up whenever you dance, yea man it’s really awesome.

charge phone dancing pocket

 Let us now proceed ahead and check how does this technology really works

According to the Markku, principal researcher, sensor and energy at the Nokia showed a chip (which is still under development) which, when tapped or vibrated at a right frequency converts that vibration into the energy which helps your phone get charged up.

What you need to do?

You don’t need to experiment or think anything out of the box as Nokia has done it all for you. You just need to do is keep the chip onto your hand or leg and just start dancing as you wish. Whenever you will dance the chip gets vibrated as a result of your dancing movements which in returns charge your phone’s battery.

The hurdle

A big problem or a hurdle faced by the developers of this chip is that you need to dance for really long duration of time which can be for hours for the minimum charge which is really not possible for everyone. So do you think Nokia can overcome with this hurdle and release a chip which can charge up your phone with just a little bit of dancing? Let’s hope for the best.

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