Android Apps Will be Compatible With Nokia X

After delivering the series of popular Windows Smartphone now Nokia is all set to release Nokia X Android device which will be based on Android Open Source Project (AOSP). AOSP is the software upon which the most popular Smartphones all over the world are based.

The main aim towards the release of the Android device by Nokia is the usage of the Android apps getting increased and popular among the peoples all over the world. So, according to the news existing Android apps (around 75% of Android apps) will be compatible with Nokia X, whereas remaining 25% Android apps will require certain approvals or retouch.

Nokia X android apps

Later on, you will find a dedicated SDK tool which will convert most of the incompatible Android apps into compatible apps and the apps that would require Google service or linking will be redirected to their Nokia or Microsoft analogues.

As mentioned earlier, 75% of the existing Android apps will be compatible with the Nokia X but 25% of the apps need little more modification and retouch, this modification or porting process will take a maximum of 8 hours, as per the news revealed from the Nokia side.

In order to make your or the developers life easier Nokia has launched an app “compatibility analyzer” which will help you know whether your apps need any kind of modification or it can be easily compatible with your Android handset. So I think there is no place to worry or get tensed in order to think about the apps that would be compatible with Nokia X.

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